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15 Best Cleaning Tools That’ll Cut Your Cleaning Time In Half

15 Best Cleaning Tools That’ll Cut Your Cleaning Time In Half

Here are the best cleaning tools for the tired, the busy, and the swamped.

People who live in clean organized houses tend to be happier, healthier, more focused and energetic. It’s embedded in our brains.

But those who work full-time or lead busy lives don’t exactly want to spend precious free time cleaning. Cleaning that can swallow up hours without making a dent in the overall workload.

This is why you need the best cleaning tools and gadgets to change the game. Portable, powerful, and fast they allow you to make a real difference in the least amount of time. Others, eliminate the need to clean as often and as long.

In a small space, we don’t have the luxury of getting professional cleaning tools. Mainly because they tend to be bulky and expensive. But what we can do is identify our needs specifically and get the best cleaning tools to take care of those. This way, you can solve your problems and avoid collecting house cleaning tools and equipment that only ‘sorta work’ or ‘are too XYZ to be used’.

Identifying your needs & habits is the best way to find the right cleaning tools and avoid clutter.

So, let’s say, you cook a full dinner every day.

And every day your kitchen looks like a warzone.

This causes both the grime and your frustration to build up.

So what will your kitchen cleaning equipment list look like? Something to help with the dishes and something to help with keeping the kitchen floor clean regularly. Also, something to scrub off the fat off the backsplash without making your fingers bend the wrong way. To top it all off, we’ll need something to clean the grime off the stovetop crevices.

These are your needs. Now, you just need to find the best cleaning tools to match them in the shortest time.

Fortunately, you can find all of this cleaning equipment in this post.

So let’s get pumped for spring cleaning and look at the best cleaning solutions that’ll cut your cleaning time in half.


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This sprayer mop that makes mopping go super fast

best cleaning tools mop for small apartment

Buy it here

Jump into mopping right away. No splashing buckets, no wringing, no stopping.

This lightweight mop is equipped with a 22-ounce sprayer bottle. Fill it with warm water, add 2 teaspoons of cleaning solution, spray, and mop.

Save time by having everything you need to mop bundled up in one cleaning tool. Waste less water by using just the right amount that’s needed for the job. Save space by swapping a bulky bucket for this sleek mop that’s easy to store. Save money with reusable microfiber pads that can be machine washed over 100 times.

So you can clean faster, pick up to 50 % more dust than traditional mops, and prevent the nasty side effects of living in a dusty environment.


This cordless vacuum that’s so easy to handle

cordless lightweight vacuum

Buy it here

Here’s another cleaning tool that gets rid of everything you used to hate about it. No bulkiness, no cords, no ruckus that the whole building can hear.

It’s also one of the best cleaning products for housekeeping.

This lightweight vacuum has 20-35 minutes of cordless runtime. That’s more than enough for a small apartment. You can charge it while docked (yes, there is a docking station included) or remove the battery and charge it like a phone on a coffee table.

Get into all the nooks and crannies with the detachable base & dust brush combo. The main high-speed rotating brush picks up dust and debris instead of just moving it around. And it makes finding the dirt easier with the LED lights built into the brush.

Equipped with a HEPA filtration system, it gets rid of up to 99.99% of microscopic dust particles purifying the air. Knowing what sort of chemicals can lurk in household dust, it’s a valuable feature to have.


This window cleaner for those who hate window washing


magnetic double-sided cleaning tool

Buy it here

Cut the time spent washing windows in half with this gadget.

This is one of the best cleaning tools for those who hate dealing with dirty windows. It consists of two window-washing parts connected by powerful magnets. This way you can clean the inside and outside part of the window at the same time.

Moreover, you can do all that while staying inside the room. No balancing acts on the ledge with a wide-open window. It’s also great for fixed outside windows that are wider than your arm’s length.

The gadget comes in several versions. This allows you to match the strength of the magnets to the thickness of the windows (even double-glazed ones).


This little guy that makes clogged drains a thing of the past

Buy it here

This thing catches every single hair stopping them from clogging the pipes. Regular anti-hair plugs catch the hair on top of a drain, which makes for a gross view. TubShroom fits inside the drain and keeps the captured hair hidden there until you need to clean it.

Once you’re in a cleaning mood, pull the Shroom out, remove the hair, and insert the Shroom back into the drain. No drain snakes, no chemicals that take forever and can damage the pipes. Just a few seconds and you get a hair-free drain, stressless showers, and a nicer smelling bathroom.

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This countertop dishwasher that’ll take the load off your hands

countertop dishwasher is the best cleaning tool

Buy it here

Cluttered spaces cause a rise in cortisol stress hormones.

And in the kitchen, a big source of clutter is the dirty dishes. Either the ones that crowd the sink or the ones that hog the drying rack.

This compact dishwasher fits on a countertop or tabletop. Even in the smallest space, you can create extra counter space to fit this little helper. With a quick connect assembly feature, you’ll be able to run one of its 6 cycle options in no time.

And it saves water, by using 3.1 gallons of water per load in comparison to 25 gallons that would’ve been used in washing by hand.

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This scrubber drill attachment that’ll save your fingers from pain

scrubber drill attachment

Buy it here

Ever scrubbed the tiles for ages, gave it your all, to the point of actual finger pain, only to arrive at nothing? Yes? Then this is one of the best cleaning tools for you.

Even better,  this is one of the best products for deep cleaning house as a whole.

Save yourself some time and elbow grease with this scrubbing brush drill attachment. If you have a cordless drill, you can outfit it with a nylon brush that can scrub away the nasty off sinks, tubs, tiles, shower doors, and even porcelain.

Each cleaning kit contains 3 uniquely shaped brushes. Also, the colors of the brushes represent different levels of stiffness for a variety of tasks. So with a green one, you can clean the carpeting but with a black one, you’ll be able to strip loose paint.


This air purifier that’ll reduce dust and keep you healthy

air purifier is the best cleaning tool for reducing dust

Buy it here

The right air purifier is a godsend for better household air quality.

This 3-in-1 air filter can reduce dust build-up on furniture as a whole. Additionally, its True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of harmful particles that can cause asthma and allergies. The pre-filter traps allergens, pet hair and extends the life of the HEPA filter. Last but not least, the activated carbon filter reduces odors from pets, cooking, and even smoking.

Also, it’s equipped with UV C light that kills airborne germs and viruses.


These water-activated sponges that make pesky stains vanish

magic cleaning sponge is the best cleaning tool for stains

Buy them here

These magic cleaning sponges are great for light touch-ups around the apartment. But they can also easily handle tougher stains and larger areas.

The best part is, they only need water to do the cleaning. So you can reduce the use of harsh chemicals which is great for your skin and breathing quality. Additionally, you can clean things that can’t handle those harsh chemicals such as leather or fabric.


This set of cleaning brushes for getting into every nook and cranny

Buy it here

This is one of the best cleaning products for the bathroom. It allows you to clean every narrow nook, every curve of the showerhead, and scrub the mold out of every corner.

Admit it, you’ve sometimes tried using your rubber glove-clad nail to clean some of the hard to reach places. Yeah, sometimes sponges just won’t cut (or scrub) it. This set of small but tough cleaning brushes is perfect giving your nails and fingers a break.  You can use them for cleaning grout, shower door tracks, and more. One of the brushes even has a ‘wiper blade’ head for scraping off built-up dirt and grime.


This brilliant steamer that can clean the uncleanable

handheld pressurized steam cleaner

Buy it here

This. This is one of the best products for deep cleaning house. It can clean the places you thought were uncleanable.

This steamer

uses hot pressurized steam to remove grease, mold, and grime. It can transform any room. Tackle dirty grout, to clean the microwave or oven, destroy soap stains, and even defrost a freezer. With this steamer, all these tasks go a lot faster and more efficient than with traditional methods. And there’s no need for harsh chemicals that can cause health problems.

You can also clean furniture using this steamer, sanitize a variety of surfaces, and even clean windows. And its compact size makes it easy to store in a small space.


These charcoal bags that absorb unpleasant smells

Buy them here

A weird smell can send you on a long wild goose chase.

Instead of scrubbing and washing for hours, try out these non-toxic charcoal air purifiers. These don’t have a smell of their own, they just absorb the odors from the environment. Use these to get rid of pet-related odors, smells in the kitchen, closets, cabinets, or just as a room deodorizer. It’s versatility indirectly makes it one of the best cleaning tools for any place.

“Recharge” them once in a while by placing the bags under direct sunlight. After an hour, they’ll be good to go.


This cable organizer that’ll keep dust bunnies at bay

cable organizer for preventing dust accumulation

Buy it here

Loose cable catch tons of dust and debris, while empty dusty sockets are hard to clean.

You can prevent all that with this cable organizing box. It reduces the amount of dust, makes vacuuming and mopping easier, and improves the aesthetics of the room. Plus, it’s a great thing for pet owners whose pets tend to trip over or chew the cables.


These mats that make cleaning the fridge go extra fast

fridge liners for easier cleaning
Buy them here

Clean the fridge in just a few minutes with these refrigerator mats.

Waterproof and mold-proof, they catch spills and stains that you can then easily wipe off. In case of tougher stains, you can wash the mats instead of taking out the shelves that are hard to handle. You can cut them for a better fit and even use these in the freezer.


This steamer is the best cleaning tool for quick last-minute ironing

portable steamer for clothes is the beat cleaning tool for the busy

Buy it here

Instead of taking out a bulky ironing board, use this steamer for a quick ironing session.

Ready to go in just 40 seconds, you can steam stubborn wrinkles off a variety of fabrics. You can use it without an ironing board. This way, you can squeeze in a last-minute ironing session when you’re about to head out or too tired for anything more.


This mop/broom/dustpan/bucket combo

duet mop dust pan cleaning tool duet mop dust pan cleaning tool duet mop dust pan cleaning tool

This is one of the new cleaning products that was successfully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

‘Duet’ is a smart combination of a mop, a sweeper, a dustpan, and a bucket. It was designed to eliminate the need to have multiple cleaning tools and jump through a variety of hoops just to do one simple job – cleaning the floors.

You can read up on ‘Duet’ in TP’s Best Of The Week #11 or follow the updates on the campaign below.

Find out more here

These are the best cleaning tools for those who hate cleaning or the hassle that comes with cleaning. Hopefully, these will help you have a sparkling space and lots of time all to yourself.

And, hey, don’t forget to pin this post to your ‘Cleaning Tips & Hacks’ board for future reference. You never know when you’d want to treat yourself to a new mop 😁

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