Balcony privacy ideas are not only limited to mesh screens you can put on railings.

Even on a small balcony, you can do a lot to shield away from curious eyes, from balcony privacy screens to cleverly positioned umbrellas. And, while at it, create a beautiful balcony garden or turn it into a tropical paradise.

If you’ve had enough of peeping Toms, awkward eye contact from the neighbors, or just want to feel secure on your own property, these apartment balcony privacy ideas are ought to do the trick.

If you are unsure if you can do more invasive modifications, contact your building owner for more information. But there are plenty of ways to make your balcony more private without drilling holes.

Here’s a quick rundown of balcony privacy ideas you’ll find here:

  • Mildew-proof Outdoor Curtains
  • Adjustable Solar-Powered Umbrella
  • Tall Faux Ivy Screen & Trellis
  • Encompassing Hanging Chair
  • Adjustable Balcony Shades
  • Trellis Bench + Various Privacy Ideas
  • Balcony Railing Privacy Screen
  • Multipurpose Free-standing Bamboo Screen
  • Floor-Mounted Retractable Privacy Screen
  • Privacy Railing Screen Fence
  • Panel Storage Benches
  • Tall Outdoor Potted Plants For Privacy

Apartment balcony privacy is crucial if you want to enjoy the warmer months to their fullest.

So let’s jump into it.


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Drape these outdoor curtains to add to your balcony privacy and decor

outdoor balcony curtain

Outdoor curtains remind me of all-inclusive resort patios. So why not recreate that tropical climate on your balcony and bask in the apartment privacy you’ve been craving?

These apartment balcony curtains are mildew- and fade-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use. You can drape them around the railing as shown here.

balcony privacy curtains

All you’ll need to hang these on the balcony is a curtain rod that you can find here. The curtains below come in 4 different colors and 8 lengths, so you can choose the ideal ones for your little outdoor retreat.

Buy them here



Use this solar-powered adjustable umbrella to shield away from neighbors

Buy it here

P.S. You’ll need a solid base for this umbrella and you can get it here.

If the space on your balcony allows, you can get this adjustable umbrella to help with your privacy issues. You can adjust its angle to get a bit more privacy from the street or neighboring balconies. And, of course, it will grant you the UV protection from the scorching sun.

It’s also not a regular umbrella. It is outfitted with 18 solar-powered LED lights that get charged throughout the day. At night, the bright light will keep you company and save you from sitting outside in total darkness.

Use this faux ivy screen to bring to life some interesting balcony privacy ideas

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Everybody knows that ivy can grow on anything and cover anything. If you love the aesthetic but don’t want to grow anything, this faux ivy idea is a perfect balcony privacy screen for apartments.

This ivy screen measures 158 x 39”in so you’ll have plenty of material to work with. You can use it to cover the railing on your balcony or create a full-blown privacy curtain like the one below.

faux ivy balcony curtain

If you’d like to create a floor-to-ceiling balcony privacy screen, you can combine this faux ivy with a simple trellis (browse here) in a true DIY fashion.

On a side note, some people even use this ivy as a backdrop for photos.

Lounge on your balcony in privacy with this encompassing hanging chair

hanging chair for balcony privacy

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There are not that many small apartment balcony privacy ideas that give you as much comfort as this one.

This is a free-standing hanging chair that you can use on your balcony. Not only it is a stylish, colorful addition to your balcony design — it also gives you privacy.

You can position this chair just so the back of the chair faces whatever makes you feel uncomfortable — the street, the neighboring balconies, or windows.

The 44″W x 28″D x 46.50″H chair is made of hand-woven wrought iron mesh. This makes it sturdy, keeps air circulation on point, and keeps you away from prying eyes.

Get a bit tropical and private on your balcony with these adjustable outdoor shades

roll-up outdoor privacy shades

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As far as deck privacy ideas go, these roll-up shades are the perfect contenders. Fortunately enough, they are also a great privacy idea for balconies and ground floor apartment patios.

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These bamboo shades measure 48 x 72”. After the installation, you can adjust the length of the shades by using the fasteners on them.

These shades will add a tropical feel to your balcony or patio decor, gently filter out the sun, and, most importantly, give you privacy.

P.S. If you like the idea but want something more opaque, check out this outdoor light-filtering shade.

Create your own balcony privacy solution with this bench as a base for it

balcony arbor bench

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Balcony privacy screens are great and all but SVANÖ is an IKEA creation for people who want to get more out of their balconies.

It is a simple arbor bench that you can use for hanging out, drying laundry, growing plants, or creating more privacy.

First, let’s talk a bit more about the bench itself. It measures 46 7/8” x 18 7/8″ x 70 1/2″ and you can line it with cushions for comfortable sitting. It is approved for seating 2 people with max. 242 lbs weight each. It is made of powder-coated steel that requires no maintenance.

balcony arbor bench for privacy balcony arbor bench for privacy balcony arbor bench for privacy

Now, let’s look at balcony privacy ideas that involve this bench:
  • Grow plants for privacy – place hanging, overflowing plants (like Peperomia, Tradescantia zebrina, or Philodendron) on the sides of the bench. Each railing on the side can hold up to 11 lbs of weight. But be mindful that it can take some time for the plants to grow enough to provide enough privacy.
  • Or use faux plants – if you need privacy on the balcony starting now or can’t keep a plant alive no matter what (join the club), faux plants might be the solution. You can browse a wide selection of cascading plants here.
  • Outdoor curtains – you can hang outdoor curtains on the back or the sides of this bench. This will create a canopy that’ll filter out the sun and keep your privacy on the balcony. You can browse outdoor curtains here.
  • Ivy screen – you can also wrap the back and sides of the arbor bench with this faux ivy screen. It will add a natural, garden vibe to your balcony without needing to actually grow a wall of ivy. For example, this faux ivy screen will do the job.

Cover your balcony railing with this durable but fun-looking privacy screen

balcony privacy mesh screen

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Add a beach vibe to your apartment balcony with this striped privacy screen.

The mesh screen measures 236” x 29”. Constructed of high-density polyethylene, it provides shielding from the sun, wind, and wandering eyes. You can secure it to the railing using the included rope. Or if you’d like a more durable hold you can use a set of zip ties.

Also, if the color scheme is not to your liking, you can check out the balcony screens for apartments below.

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Use this bamboo balcony privacy screen both indoors and outdoors

bamboo free-standing screen

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Turn your balcony in a private tropical paradise with this free-standing privacy screen.

This bamboo screen can be used for ensuring privacy both outdoor and indoor. So you can position this 72” x 72” divider outside to shield away for the sun and neighbors. Or you can use it as a room divider if you’re seeking privacy in your apartment.

The best part is that it folds flat for easy storage, so you’ll be able to find a place for it even in a small apartment.

If you like the bamboo look, you can also adorn the balcony railings with the bamboo privacy screens below.

This will give your balcony a similar look to this.

balcony bamboo fence


Shield away from the outside world on-demand with this retractable privacy screen

retractable balcony privacy screen

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This outdoor folding privacy screen consists of 2 steel poles and a retractable awning wall.

Its installation requires attaching the poles to the ground, concrete or wood, with a drill. So it might be a better suit for a ground floor patio or desk, than a balcony (although you can take it up with the building owner).

Buy it here

Still, the fact that you can unfold this water-proof divider at any time makes it one of the best outdoor privacy screens out there.

Cover a see-through railing with this simple balcony privacy screen

privacy screen fence

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This balcony screen does the job.

It is made of durable, UV stabilized polyethylene that is resistant to winds and sun. It offers a lot of flexibility in terms of installation since you can use ropes, zip ties, bungee cords, or even staple it to a wooden structure.

Also, it has a simple but natural design that will blend in perfectly with your other balcony decor ideas.

Use one of these IKEA panels for privacy and outdoor storage

outdoor wall panel

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What makes this one of the best balcony privacy ideas is that it, indeed, gives you privacy but also adds storage space. The panel above has 6 hooks that you can use for various tools, planter pots, etc. IKEA also offers other outdoor privacy screen panels with 2 additional shelves (see here) and the one below.

outdoor wall panel with storage

Buy it here

There is also a version of this panel that includes a storage bench. And you can never have enough storage in a small apartment. Or balcony, for that matter.

These panels measure around 31” in width and 62” in height.

balcony privacy trellis

Balcony privacy plants:

Although we’ve already touched upon this subject, let’s revisit it for a second.

There are two ways to approach balcony privacy plants.

First, you can grow your own evergreen climbers (like ivy) over a trellis or nurture plants that can reach several feet high. The problem is that a lot of plants are susceptible to harsh weather conditions, winds, or sunlight. This may hinder their growth before they even get to provide you with any privacy.

The second approach includes you buying an already fully grown set of plants. This way, you can enjoy balcony privacy right away.

Here I’ll single out a few tall outdoor potted plants for privacy on a balcony, however, you should check out the full post we’ve dedicated to this topic:


hollyhock balcony privacy plant

Browse here

Spartan Juniper

spartan juniper balcony privacy plant

Browse here

Lemon Grass

lemon grass balcony privacy plant

Browse here

There are lots of ways you can approach the question of how to make an apartment balcony private.

Hopefully, you’ve found the one that’ll suit your needs. And once privacy is ensured, you’ll be free to bring other cool balcony design ideas to life.

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