An accent wall can drastically transform the most boring space. If your tiny living room seems to be lacking that special something, chances are you need an accent wall. This especially rings true for those who have just moved and want to make the living space feel welcoming and warm. Good thing you’ve happened upon this list of accent wall ideas for a small living room because we’ve got your back.

Let’s proceed and find you “the one”.

Create a stunning accent wall with these gorgeous decals

As we’ve mentioned before, macro flowers are one of the hottest trends of this year. And it’s hard not to see why.

As a living room accent wall, decals like these would definitely do the job of drawing attention to the right places. The botanical motive will also bring more life and freshness to the room while staying on the elegant side.

These decals are stick-and-peel and don’t require additional glue or anything like that. For renters, they easily come off so you can enjoy having something else than a blank wall without losing your deposit.

Make sure to check out all the decals this store has to offer, even just for the swoon-inducing aesthetics.

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A chalkboard accent wall decal puts both the looks and functionality on the table

In a small living room and apartments as a whole, you need to value function just as much as the looks. Fortunately, a chalkboard surface combines both.

A black accent wall definitely “pops” and its slightly distressed look adds character to the whole room. You get to note important information on it, doodle, change its message and overall look whenever you want. Plus, you can even have a Christmas tree drawn on it to save space during the holidays.

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You can also create a chalkboard wall using these stickers

chalkboard wall sticker

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Or you can use this chalkboard paint

chalkboard accent wall paint

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Easily create an accent wall out of reclaimed wood with these  Peel & Stick panels

Easily create a wood accent wall in your small living room without any hassle. Just measure your square footage and order the appropriate amount of these peel & stick panels.

These are made of reclaimed wood and come in several colors so you can match them to your interior design. Then, as the name suggests, you gotta peel and stick them to the wall. All you need is a few tools and a bit of time but, boy, it does pay off!

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Use paint stencils to add a striking pattern to your accent wall

Wallpaper is tough to master and you’d likely have to ask for outside help with it. But if you’ve got time, a blank wall, and love for patterns, there is an alternative – stencils.

Adding stencils to your painting process involves a bit of learning curve. But once you get into the flow, your accent wall will come to life in all of its beautiful patterned glory.

accent wall ideas for small living room paint pattern


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You can mix several paints in filling out one stencil or just stick to one accent color. Stencils come in a huge variety of styles, sizes, and difficulty levels. The best part is, you can reuse the stencil of your choice in another room, creating a sense of flow and unity in your whole house.

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Although a stencil accent wall would look great in any room, it’s especially practical in a busy room that has high traffic, like a kitchen or living room. If something happens to the wall you can always give it a few touch-ups with the remaining paint.


Or take an alternative approach to patterns with paint wall stamps

wall paint stamp wall paint stamp

If you’re looking for other DIY accent wall ideas, try these stamps. The name should be enough to explain the process – you cover the reusable stamp with paint and apply it to the wall. Voilà, you’ve got yourself the beginnings of a gorgeous accent wall.

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You can choose any direction the stamp pattern will go in. Vertical, horizontal, checkered, along the edges. This is the way you let your creativity shine.

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You can also get a stencil that mimics a brick wall. Usually, you’d need to strip your walls bare or get decals for a look like this. But these stamps seem to have done a great job.

A stunning bookshelf will also do the trick

As far as large wall decor ideas go, a bookshelf is not usually considered as one. A bookshelf is functional, kind of has to be there, and more often than not it takes up a boxy rectangular shape. Well, this one completely flips the table on these misconceptions.

It turns a blank wall into a gorgeous living room accent. It turns your clutter into an artistic, maximalist addition to the room. And, with those bird decals, it can look charming and minimalist. However you put it, everybody wins.

Tree bookshelf here

Bird decals here


Set up a bustling living accent wall out of real plants

A live plant accent wall is a dream come true, especially if you are aboard the whole biophilia trend right now. It’s fresh, it’s gorgeous, robust, and will definitely have your guest gaping at it in wonder. You can a wall like this built using professional services…

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Or you can go for a vertical wall planter to achieve a similar effect. In all honesty, this method is not without its flaws. But with a bit of creative thinking and DIY-ing it can give your accent wall a stunning look that will be worth it.

Opt in for a gorgeous doorframe that will instantly draw attention

unique living room accent door frame

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Make a subtle but unique accent wall with a bit of paint and picture frames

This DIY accent wall by A Beautiful Mess utilizes empty picture frames painted the same color as the wall itself. It makes for a subtle but definitely unique view that doesn’t clash with whatever you put in front of it.


Use this stunning paneling technique to make your wall “pop”

Similar to the picture frames from before, these panels give the walls more texture and character. The best part is, it’s a DIY accent wall so you can take matters into your own hands. Check out this tutorial that compiles countless looks and how-to’s to get this look into your room of choice.

Combine different pattern stencils and a mono color palette for this extraordinary look

Although it’s a wallpaper, you can recreate a similar effect using paint stencils. You just need to settle on a base color first and apply it in a “cloudy” technique (tutorial here). Choose 3-4 paint stencils (check out the link below) and a monochromatic color palette of paints that are close to the base color. Third, let your creativity flow.

Over 400 paint stencils here

Use masking tape to create this bright geometric accent wall

Just a few small buckets of paint and masking tape can give your wall this modern look. It’s one of the easiest DIY accent wall ideas for a small living room to realize. In fact, it can be a fun bonding activity for your friends or family. Bribe them with snacks if needed.

There are a lot of tutorials online that can guide you through the process of creating this accent wall or some variation of it. Check out this tutorial for pointers.

A gorgeous accent wallpaper will definitely add more life to your room

An eye-catching wallpaper is a brilliant living room accent wall. To have it stand out as a cohesive part of the room make sure it portrays one thing, be it a scenery, a portrait, an abstract piece, or a bold pattern. Going for something too small or timid may undermine the punch it has to deliver. It’s called an “accent wall” for a reason.

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Or have a bit of fun with these subtle but eye-catching golden decals

This is one of the more minimalist accent wall ideas for a small living room. These golden skull decals would easily fit almost any modern room, reflecting light and giving the space more edge. Plus, you can look at them as a Halloween decoration that you can keep up all year 😉

If skulls are not your thing, you can see a similar style of decals here.

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Two layers of paint and masking tape will give you this confetti accent wall

If you are painting your walls, give one of them this playful but subtle accent look. You can follow the tutorial here.

But if you are renting and have blank walls, you can achieve a similar look using washi tape. This way you get to give your apartment a makeover without losing your deposit.

Create a faux grass DIY accent wall for this refreshed and stylish look

As far as DIY accent wall ideas go, this is one definitely takes the cake for originality. The faux grass and neon combo kind of resembles a backdrop of a modern coffee house. This is why its fresh and uplifting look would serve you best in a place of gathering in your apartment – a dining or living room. You can follow the tutorial to make one here.

Choose your color palette and paint this gorgeous minimalist scenery

If you’ve just finished renovations and have some leftover paint in addition to a creative spirit, this might be the wall for you.

This accent wall definitely requires more work but the result is absolutely worth it. In the tutorial, you can see how to paint an ombre mountain scenery on the wall that creates a tranquil and soothing atmosphere in the room.

Hang a beautiful tapestry for a quick and easy accent wall

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Add a bit of softness and boho vibe to your room by creating an accent wall using tapestries. Hanging a wall tapestry will give your room more depth and texture. It’s a smaller commitment than painting a wall and it’s a safe solution for most renters. The soft flow of fabric will also make the room look more welcoming – exactly why this is a perfect accent wall for a small living room.

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You can find countless beautiful wall tapestries and blankets online that can be hanged on a wall. And if you decide your wall needs a makeover, you’ll still have a beautiful throw for your couch or bed.

Hopefully, something from this list of accent wall ideas for a small living room that struck a chord with your interior decorating heart. You can draw even more inspiration from our compilation of swoon-worthy design trends that rule this year.

Consider pinning the image below to your Interior Decor or Living Room Ideas board on Pinterest for future reference. You never know when the inspiration to change up your surroundings may strike 😉

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