Small spaces don’t have to feel suffocating

But they usually do.

It’s not surprising in the slightest. Multiple studies have shown that everything in the place you live in influences how you feel. Colors, light, the flow, even the shape and texture of furniture.

All of it pulls on your brain strings dictating how you feel in your own home. Devious.

There’s also the main culprit.

Space. Or lack of space, to be precise. There’s never enough of it.

Well, I’ve got some good news for you.

Tiny Partments gives you smart, beautiful, and functional answers to the problem of small spaces. This also includes all the tips on colors, light, the flow, layout, furniture, gadgets and so on.

This website is for anyone who doesn’t have enough time, money, space, or any combination of the three to live like a sentient Pinterest pin.

For anyone, who wants to avoid buying stuff that will have to be replaced later on to create more storage space.

For anyone who doesn’t have a garage or a backyard for intricate DIY projects that are supposed to be an “easy solution”.

Tiny Partments is for anyone, who wants their brain strings pulled the right way.

Small spaces and Taking the leap

Well, how do you do, I’m Lina. I’ve spent nearly a decade hopping from one small space to another. Dorm rooms. Rented-shared-with-a-bunch-of-roommates flats. My own personal shoebox of an apartment.  All of this inevitably led to Tiny Partments being born.

I’ve been through all of the typical struggles linked to living in tight spaces.

Not enough money for anything decent. Stuffing my flat with furniture that I wish I never settled for. Not having where to store something as basic as winter clothes. Giving up on decorating because, hey, “it’s small so it’s never going to look good”.

You get the overall gist.

But over time I learned to love it.

It became my nesting place where I happily live with my husband, cat, and parrots that are too loud for their own good.

The real push for Tiny Partments came from my work as a copywriter and content creator. I encountered so many products and solutions perfect for small spaces. So many I wanted to cry.

Those were the solutions I wish I saw before I started filling my flat with unnecessary stuff.

And I wish someone persuaded me to take the leap. To start investing my time, money, and dedication in my tiny apartment.

So here we are.

Tiny Partments is a place for those who also want to take the leap. To create something warm, beautiful, and inviting. A place to recharge after a long day. A place where you can focus on your work or studies while staying true to your aesthetics.

A place where nothing about the crammed in furniture or overflowing clutter makes you want to Hulk out and smash.