The time has come to get stocking stuffers for everyone and get their Christmas spirits up, up, up!

Finding something to keep everyone happy with the contents of their holiday stockings can be tricky. But we’ve got your back.

Here we have assembled the list of the best, the tiniest, the greatest stocking stuffer ideas. So we can bring this year to a close with a couple of smiles, a couple of chuckles, and a lot of love.

And if you need some pointers with choosing a Christmas gift, check out this post on the best gifts for small space dwellers. It’s a good one!

Let’s dig in ’cause it’s a long one.


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1. Tiny Cacti Stocking Stuffers

mini cactus stocking stuffer

Now, look at this teeny tiny cactus and tell me it’s not a perfect stocking stuffer. It sitting in its own itty-bitty handmade pot is almost enough to make someone faint (of cuteness). And, fair warning, for someone who loves tiny objects, it can be almost lethal.

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2. Funny Pencils Set

funny mean girls pencil set

Got a millennial who is a die-hard “Mean Girls” fan? Or quoting movies with impeccable timing is the one thing that brings them joy? Yeah, then these funny pencils are the perfect gift for them.

And if this iconic movie is not to either of your tastes, you can make your own custom mix of witty pencils here that will tickle their funny bone.

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3.Christmas Bath Bombs

No holiday season will be complete without the gift of a bath bomb. So make sure to treat your family member to the magic of Christmas relaxation!

This specific bath bomb may earn you a few cookie points with them because it houses a surprise piece of jewelry inside. It’s a great stocking stuffer that just keeps on giving.

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4. Portable Reusable Straw

This is the way to get into the heart of your eco-conscious, coffee-drinking loved one.

It is an eco-friendly reusable straw with a noble goal of reducing the amount of waste in the ocean. It collapses into a compact keychain that can be snapped onto a bag or backpack. So the lucky gift recipient will be able to carry this small stainless steel everywhere and never be stranded without one.

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5. Donut Socks Set

Everyone needs socks. Whether it’s due to washing machines sending random socks to the other dimension or mischievous elves stealing them directly from the drawers is up to debate… But the fact still stands.

And these specific socks are packed to look like mini donuts. That’s a perfect gift right there.

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6. Cord Organizer Set

We all look at the holidays and the new year as a chance to set things right. Detangle the mess that is life. And to help your gift recipient start small, you can give them this set of cord organizers.

These straps can bring order to the messiest set of cables, earphones, and cords. All while looking their best with their vintage metal buttons and distressed premium leather.

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7. Tropical Flower Candles

tropical flower tealight candles stocking stuffer

These candles are so perfect they might as well be a standalone Christmas gift. Crafted to look like blossoming tropical flowers, these are a treat for your eyes and your nose. Yes, these are infused with sweet refreshing essential oils to boot.

You can split these 8 candles up between everyone on your list or treat your lucky loved one with a whole bundle.

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8. Snowflake Multi-tool Stocking Stuffer

This is a great stocking stuffer for the practical survivalist in the room. It is a compact, snowflake-shaped multi-tool that can keep by your side at all times. It is a great present for guys on your list, including cyclists, mechanics, and handymen.

The snowflake has everything from a bottle opener to a set of wrenches and Philips screwdrivers.

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9. Balloon House Pushpins Organizer

Got someone whose home office needs a bit of cheering up? Then this pushpins organizer can be an unobtrusive addition to their working space that’ll get the job done.

It is shaped like a tiny snowed-in house with a bunch of balloons tied to its roof. The balloons being colorful pushpins embedded into a cork base. Isn’t this one of the cutest gift ideas for a serial office-dweller?

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10. Cherry Measuring Spoons

Here’s the perfect stocking stuffer for a cook in the family who loves cute and unconventional objects. This set of measuring spoons, a must-have in every kitchen, is shaped like a fun bundle of juicy, ruby-red cherries.

And there’s more. That jaunty leaf is not just there for its good looks. It is actually a disguised yolk separator that’ll help with cooking everything from Crème Brûlée to a fluffy meringue.

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11. Facial Hair Care Set

Guys and gents with glorious beards need double hair care than us, mere mortals.

This shea butter beard kit takes tackles your facial hair from every angle – starting with washing and detangling and ending with deep conditioning. This set will clean and nourish your facial hair, leaving it shiny, beautiful, and rejuvenated.

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12. Magnetic Air Plant Pots

air plant magnets

Gift ideas for plant-lovers never fail to impress. We started with mini cacti and are now moving on to air plants. They are ridiculously easy to take care of and will be a perfect stocking stuffer even for a novice gardener.

The best part is that these crescent moon-shaped planters can be used as fridge magnets. There’s no better way to give some love to your gift recipient and their fridge for sustaining them.

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13. Coffee Scoop Stocking Stuffer

coffee scoop spoon

For the coffee aficionados comes this beautiful stocking stuffer. It is a handmade stainless steel coffee spoon that scoops up the perfect portion of coffee every time.

It’s a perfect gift for those who prefer stronger coffee brewed through a french press rather than a coffee maker. Add a pack of gourmet coffee to the stocking and you’ll be their favorite gifter this Christmas season.

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14. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Playing Cards Game

Why not spend some quality Christmas time bonding over this hilarious game. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for everyone, no matter their age.

It’s a game of cards that will leave even the grumpiest Grinch laughing out loud. And it is a game that involves lots of hand-slapping so that should be fun, too.

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15. Sriracha Keychain

The sriracha hype might’ve seen its better days but true love between a man and his condiments can overcome any obstacle.

Some food is just better with a dash of Sriracha on top. And to be able to add that dash anytime anywhere comes this set of reusable bottle keychains. You can fill these up with the included Sriracha and attach a mini bottle to your keys.

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16. Handmade Ceramic Coasters

ceramic coasters stocking stuffer for him

Why not put something not only pretty, unique but also useful in the stocking? While regular coasters might be considered a bit ‘meh’ as a gift, ceramic ones are a whole other story.

These handmade coasters feature stunning watercolor art and a solid protective glaze. Using one of these is a great way to make every drink special. And this is also one of the best stocking stuffers for anyone who values their furniture and wishes to protect it from harm.

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17. Personalized Dog Collar

customized dog collar

Any pet owner will agree that the way to their heart is through treating their pet like royalty. Because every good boy or girl deserves to be showered with gifts.

If you are absolutely sumped about finding the perfect stocking stuffer for a dog owner, go for this personalized collar. You can customize its look, add a funky leather patch, and engrave it with the pooch’s name and contact information.

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18. Mini Humidifier

The holiday season, otherwise known as dry-skin-and-sinuses season, can be made a lot better with this beautiful stocking stuffer.

It is a tiny humidifier shaped like a dog sitting inside a rocket reindeer which already makes it a winner. Not only can it humidify the air for 8 hours but it also doubles as a night light. And frankly, it is a great gift for both kids and adults who are not the greatest fans of boring designs.

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19. Beanie Bottle Stoppers

Skip the boring stainless steel bottle stoppers and go for something cute. Worthy of being one of the cutest stocking stuffers this holiday season.

These beanie hat bottle stoppers are not only practical. They can also double as sweet holiday decorations for the dinner table. Hands down, this is a perfect gift for someone who has been vibrating with Christmas joy since November.

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20. Mini Embroidery Kit

mini embroidery kit stocking stuffer

The end of the year is the perfect time to make resolutions to try something new. Like a new hobby. So with this stocking stuffer, you can give them a headstart on that.

This mini embroidery kit contains two tiny hoops and everything you need to stitch adorable designs on them. It is an easy way to explore embroidering and to have some relaxing fun after a long day.

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21. Foodie Dice

foodie dice

Know someone who loves to cook but can never decide on the recipe/ingredients? Well, this small gift can easily change that.

This set of dice has a variety of proteins, grains, vegetables, and extra ingredients engraved on each side. So when you’re stumped about what to cook for the family dinner, you can throw these and let them do their magic. Instant inspiration for the whole family. You can also get them a funny kitchen poster to keep them motivated!

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22. Dog Treats Bag

treat bag for dogs

Let’s continue on the thread of best gifts for dedicated pet owners. This one is a great stocking stuffer for those who value both their dog and style.

It’s a canvas bag for holding wet and dry treats for dogs (cookies, cheese, what have you). It can be attached to a belt loop, backpack, or directly to the leash. To score double points with the gift receiver, combine this bag with this stylish dog waste bag dispenser.

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23. Assorted Pins Set

set of pins stocking stuffer

If you spot them wearing a jean jacket or a tote with pins on them, you’re set. These are your stocking stuffer ideas.

As an avid pin collector, I can tell you that a set of cute pins as a stocking stuffer is a blast. There are so many pins sets out there that you can choose one tailored specifically for the gift receiver. Like the one above will be great for a person who has a borderline (but completely understandable) obsession with breakfast food.

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24. Portable Phone Charger

Ah, portable chargers. Something we desperately need but never have the time to buy for ourselves. Well, this holiday season you can treat someone to this wonder of a phone gadget.

This one is extremely compact yet powerful. Although lipstick-sized, it can keep a phone alive in the direst time. And it will come in handy in a variety of scenarios, from traveling with a nearly dead phone to running out of free outlets at home.

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25. Hand Sanitizer Keychain

hand sanitizer keychain

This is a great stocking stuffer for everyone. It is small, useful, and surprisingly stylish.

These keychains allow you to always have hand sanitizer on hand. The plastic bottles are easy to fill and are small enough to carry attached to the keys or a handbag. Each bottle is wrapped in a beautiful leather mesh that comes in a variety of colors. So you can match them to everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

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26. Scrunchies

bee scrunchie set stocking stuffer for her

Scrunchies have made their lovely comeback from the depths of time straight into modern fashion. And anyone who loves these hair ties can agree that you can never have too many scrunchies.

You can get a set of hair scrunchies in a variety of colors and patterns. So you can either match these to the preferences of the gift receiver or… Double down on the holiday spirit and get some Christmas-themed handmade hair scrunchies.

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27. Tea Infusers

With properly cold weather rolling in and PSL taking its last bow for the season, the tea-drinking can now take center stage. Which brings us to these stocking stuffer ideas – tea infusers.

Each of these tea infusers is the perfect size for a stocking. You can get only one or get a set and share it among everyone on your list. It’s an incredibly fun way to steep loose leaf tea that anyone will enjoy, especially kids.

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28. Gourmet Popcorn

gourmet popcorn

What kind of stocking stuffer would you give to a kernel-head? Gourmet popcorn, of course!

Who would’ve thought that you can get popcorn in such unique tastes as rum spice or creamsicle? Well, you can and these come in small packages that are perfect as stocking stuffers.

And once the popcorn aficionado gets hooked on these delicious flavors, you will have a go-to gift for every holiday of the year.

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29. Affirmation Cards

Got someone who needs a bit of a pick-me-up? Give them these Affirmators as a stocking stuffer.

And yes, some self-help affirmations can be a bit over the top. But this set is funny, whimsy, and sweet. There is a bunch of Affirmators to choose from, too, like work, love, family, or yourself. This is a great gift for everyone, including kids, because everyone needs a bot of love on a daily basis.

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30. Reusable Food Wax Paper

reusable wax paper stocking stuffer

This is an awesome gift for someone who loves eco-friendly alternatives to every-day stuff.

This pack is a beeswax wrapping paper created as a way to reduce the use of plastic wrap and bags in the kitchen. You can wrap it around bowls, cut up fruit, and leftovers without producing any plastic waste. The paper is reusable, easy to wash, and comes in a variety of stunning patterns.

Including a holiday-themed pattern that will look great in a stocking.

Get it here

Also, make sure to check out their Furoshiki collection — reusable gift-wrapping cloth that looks stunning on all kinds of presents.

31. Personalized Jewelry Dish

mini jewelry dish

If your gift receiver wears jewelry, then this personalized jewelry dish is a great stocking stuffer for them. They’ll make use of it on their vanity table or nightstand, as it can keep small pieces like rings, earrings, and necklaces.

And! You can customize it with their name to add a personal touch to the gift.

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32. Reusable Tote Bag

grocery mesh bag

For someone who loves boho style, the 70s, and farmer’s market shopping, comes this bag. Although, fair warning, it may earn a few jealous glances from other gift receivers.

It is a stylish and useful tote bag that is incredibly stretchy. It is compact enough to fit in a stocking and, later on, in a pocket when the lucky recipient ventures on a shopping adventure.

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33. Christmas Cookie Cutters

cookie cutter set

No Christmas season is complete without delicious, homemade cookies. If you have an avid baker in the family, treat them to these unique cookie molds.

You can use these molds for baking either cookies or shortbread. These come in a variety of winter-themed patterns, each more charming than the previous one. They look so good, in fact, that you can freely display them on a shelf as part of kitchen decor.

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34. Vintage Journaling Stamps

If one of their favorite pastimes is journaling, why not base your choice of stocking stuffers on that?

Even the most avid BuJo fans can never say ‘no’ to a new set of stamps, especially ones as precious as these. These can be used to add a bit of charm to a diary, DIY crafts, scrapbooks, bullet journals, or handwritten letters.

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35. Fidget Cube

This is one of the best stocking stuffers for everyone, kids and adults alike. It helps those with ADD, ADHD, OCD, high-stress, and anxiety stay focused and concentrated. That’s because it has 6 unique sides you can fidget and play with, even with one hand.

And it is made of premium ABS plastic so playing with this little guy will be a smooth ride.

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36. Gourmet Salt Stocking Stuffers

gourmet salt

Here’s a great stocking stuffer idea – salt. Not just any kind of salt but a gourmet one: infused, smoked, blended, or natural.

This sampler pack comes with 5 flasks of salt: 1 pre-selected Black Truffle salt (yum!) and 4 you can choose from nearly 30 varieties of blends available. This is a gift that any avid cook will love and use until they run out and ask for more.

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37. Donut Artisan Soap

donut soaps

Yes, donuts might be dominating this list. But hey. Anyone and everyone love donuts, in any shape or form. Including soap.

This set contains 8 mini-soaps shaped like delicious donuts. Although obviously not intended for eating, these donuts come in a variety of ‘tastes’. Like chocolate glazed and vanilla with drizzle, to name a few. You can gift each donut individually or present the lucky gift recipient with the whole bakery bag.

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38. Rainbow Rock Crayons

rainbow rock crayons stocking stuffers

Here’s a fun gift that will keep a child busy and excited. It is a set of rainbow crayons. These are shaped like rocks, easy to grip and handle. But the real magic begins when you start drawing with them.

Each individual crayon draws in all colors of the rainbow. Which makes drawing on a regular paper or in a coloring book (or even an adult coloring book) 10x more exciting.

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39. Personalized Beer Coozy

beer coozy

Make drinking beer 100% more classy and fun for anyone with this personalized coozy.

It is a leather sleeve that slips over the bottle and makes it easier to handle. You can personalize it with a message and/or date, choose the ideal color and font. Personalized stocking stuffer ideas are an instant favorite and this one will be no exception.

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40. Knit Smartphone-Friendly Cat Gloves

Cute? Check. Functional? Check. Winter-themed? Check, check, and check.

These warm gloves will be a great stocking stuffer, especially for a cat lover. They are touch-screen friendly, with the conductive yarn used at the fingertips. So their fingers can always stay warm, even when texting or calling outside.

The cat gloves also come in a variety of colors, so choose one that will suit them best.

Get them here


41. Personalized Necklace

persona;ized necklace

This is a top-notch stocking stuffer for anyone.

It is a simple, unisex necklace with a pendant that can be personalized to your liking. You can engrave a date, a name, a saying, or anything else you can imagine. And it can be personalized on each side of the bar, so don’t hold back!

This is a perfect opportunity to come up with a thoughtful message that will make the holiday season that much special.

Get it here


42. Hamster Bike Reflector

Here’s a stocking stuffer that’s both fun and useful. Know someone who’d rather ride a bicycle than do anything else? Yes, it’s for them.

This shiny hamster is actually a light reflector. You install it on the bicycle wheel and have it do its job in a hilarious fashion. The motion of spinning makes the lil’ rodent look as if it’s running through a real hamster wheel. And isn’t that an amusing sight to behold on a bicycle?

Get it here


43. Reversible Octopus Plushie

This is a perfect toy both for kids and adults. It is an extremely soft plushie that you can use to communicate feelings without words.

If you’re in a good mood, you leave the toy on a gray ‘smiling’ side to let others know they may freely approach you. But if the mood is sour or your anxiety is spiking up, reverse it to show the ‘frowning’ face.

Fiddling with and hugging this ultra-soft plushie is also sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Get it here

44. Self-care Spa Set

Let this stocking stuffer be the one of relaxation and skin moisturization.

This mini spa set contains not only face masks but also nourishing gloves for hands, refreshing socks, and even cuticle wraps. And if someone treats the Christmas season as a stressful time, they better face it with glowing skin and covered in double layers of face masks and hand wraps.

Get it here


45. Bowl Cozy Stocking Stuffer

bowl cozy

If someone’s passionate about soup, ramen, or hot food in general, we’ve got a perfect present for them.

This bowl cozy allows you to confidently handle scorching bowls and keep yourself from getting 1st-degree burns. It is a surprisingly useful gadget that looks good, feels good, and will be a favorite stocking stuffer for anyone.

(It is also great for enjoying ice cream from a bowl without freezing your hands off).

Get it here


47. Lip Balm Set

This winter no one is safe from chapped, cracked lips. Enter this great stocking stuffer.

This is a beeswax lip balm set of 4 lip care products. And since you can never find a lip balm when you need it most, having 4 of them in different places is actually a great idea.

You can also break down this set and stick the balms in separate stockings to keep your whole family moisturized.

Get it here


47. OPI Nail Polish

How about treating someone to some nail polish? Actually good nail polish.

This is one of the best brands of nail lacquer, and they offer a wide variety of colors and finishes. So you can easily match this stocking stuffer to your loved one’s preferences. And make their upcoming year a bit more colorful.

Get it here

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