We all went through a phase of looking for indoor gardening ideas to populate our home with.

It can be prompted by anything. Going outside, seeing an inspiring photo on Instagram, or having a look at an innovative super-smart high-tech planter.

So here’s an idea. Let’s stop wistfully sighing at the sight of yet another green urban jungle on Instagram, and implement these indoor gardening ideas into life.

We’ll look at some indoor vegetable gardens, hanging wall plants, plants for both beginners and gardening veterans. Most importantly, all these ideas are perfect for small spaces, starting from magnetic pots for fridges and ending with plant towers that can grow tons of strawberries. And they make for great gifts for those who live in a small apartment, too.

And if you’re looking for herb garden ideas, both indoor and outdoor, we have a separate article with tons of tips and inspiration.

Hope you’re excited to make space for some new green friends.

Let’s dive in!


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Starting simple – the base for indoor gardening ideas

Plants that are perfect for indoor gardening beginners include succulents, Snake Plant, Cast-iron Plant, Dracaena, Chinese Evergreen and Ficus.

1.Terrazzo2.Geometric3.Brass metal4.Ceramic

Regardless of what your indoor garden looks like, you will want it to look…good. Organic. Not as a cluttered, incohesive mess that doesn’t fit with the rest of the interior.

The advice here would be to start with a set of planters from the same collection. Look at the picture above — all of the planters are different but they are designed to follow the same aesthetic.

You can also assemble your planters by sticking to one color palette or one type of material. Start with 3 to 5 planters that will serve as a visual base for your indoor garden. Having this ‘base’ will make it easier to add other planters to your collection without having them stick out like a sore thumb. Especially if you want to have planters that are less than traditional.

You can also grow climbing plants with this trellis planter

Some climbing plants that you can cultivate on your balcony include Clematis, English Ivy, and Lonicera (Honeysuckle).

planter pot trellis balcony garden

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A climbing plant combined with a trellis has plenty of advantages. It looks unique, opens new doors in gardening, and can even give you balcony privacy when positioned in the right spot.

Some plants are tenacious enough to climb even a simple wall. But why let them do that if you can have one of these trellis planter pots instead? It offers you more control over where your green buddy grows and, let’s be honest, it looks pretty breathtaking.

And don’t forget plant stands to maximize the size of your indoor garden

multi-level plant stand

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Use plant stands to get your most light-hungry plants closer to the window. And to make vacuuming under them a lot easier.

For small apartments, you can get multi-level stands (like the one above) to save on floor space. Plant stands of various heights also introduce more dimension into an indoor garden. Much better than having all the plants pile up on the floor or a windowsill.

Or use this utility cart to create an indoor vegetable garden on wheels

Start your first indoor vegetable garden with lettuce, microgreens, spinach, and herbs. They thrive in cool spaces with indirect light.

utility cart with plants

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Here’s an interesting alternative to plant stands.

Raskog utility cart from IKEA is a storage chameleon. I’ve seen people use it for creating makeup stations, a minibar on wheels, a kitchen storage cart. And now this. This utility cart makes for a perfect indoor garden stand, especially for small space-dwellers.

Adding eclectic indoor gardening ideas to the mix

Asparagus fern or Peperomia will make for great ‘hair’ in this planter.

eclectic face planter for indoor gardening

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Add a bit of whimsy to your indoor garden with these planter pots. Peculiar and fascinating, these face planters mix a lot of styles and emotions into one. It has a bit of a mid-century vibe, a bit of contemporary art styling, a bit of nostalgia for the Chia Pets where plants stood in for a wild hairdo.

Spice up your indoor garden with these adorable planters

indoor gardening ideas folksy planters

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These fun and unique planters do wonders for an indoor garden, especially when incorporated with regular ones. You can go even a step further and create a truly eclectic garden by adding DIY planters to the mix. Reclaimed canisters, stripped cans, even antique teapots and cups. A carefully curated indoor garden made of interesting finds will be a sight to behold.


Bring the focus to your favorite plants with these vintage carts

Some plants need to spend a specific amount of hours in direct and indirect sunlight. A cart is great for simultaneously moving batches plants toward and away from the window.

decorative wheelbarrow indoor gardening


Further expanding on the cottagecore aesthetic, come these planters. Shaped like vintage wheelbarrows, this set of two is just a rustic dream come to life.

You can plant something directly in them or use them as a stand for multiple pots. It would be a great place to keep your greenery, whether faux or real. And a vegetable indoor garden would look absolutely charming in an antique wheelbarrow like this.

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Get Aerogarden smart planters for effortless indoor gardening with lights

With indoor grow lights, plants can grow up to 5X faster than in an outdoor garden.

indoor gardening with lights aerogardenLooking at indoor gardening ideas is fun and inspiring. But actually creating a garden with edible harvest can be overwhelming, to say the least. And if you’ve gone through a fair share of plants that have died on you (especially when it’s ‘foolproof’ cacti) growing vegetables and herbs seems near impossible.

indoor gardening with lights aerogarden indoor gardening with lights aerogarden indoor gardening with lights aerogarden

Unless you have Aerogarden. Aerogarden became a sort of a phenomenon for indoor gardeners. It is an incredibly simple way to grow edible plants at home from pods. The hydroponic system in Aerogarden combined with LED lights allows you to grow over 150 seed varieties 5 times faster than in a traditional garden. No previous gardening experience required.

Basically, it eliminates guesswork from gardening which, for rookie gardeners, is a lifesaver.

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Click And Grow is an all-in-one indoor vegetable garden system

Indoor grow lights also allow you to grow sun-loving plants even in winter and compensate for the lack of sunlight in north-facing apartments.

click and grow indoor gardening ideasclick and grow indoor gardening ideas click and grow indoor gardening ideas click and grow indoor gardening ideas

Click And Grow is another smart gardening system that cultivates plants indoors. It uses smart soil that supplies water, nutrients, and oxygen to plants in combination with pro-grow lights. Click And Grow pods allow you to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits (even strawberries!) in any environment.

Just add the pods, water, plug in the lights, and that’s it!

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Lua planter gives your plants emotions and shows their needs

lua smart planter tracking

If you think you’ve seen everything indoor gardening has to offer then hold your horses! This smart planter basically turns your plant into a Tamagochi pet. Lua uses smart sensors to pick up on the well-being of the plant it houses and, in turn, triggers one of the 15 animated emotions on its screen.

Lua, combined with a dedicated app, will show that your plant is thirsty, or cold, or sick, and will help you care for your green resident. Hands down, this is one of the cutest indoor gardening ideas out there.

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Going up — adding air plants to the indoor garden

To keep your air plant healthy, every once or twice a week soak it in room temperature water for 5-10 minutes and let it dry completely in a sunny spot.

airplant jellyfish hanging planter

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If you’re unsure of your gardening capabilities, you can start off with a simple collection of air plants. They get the majority of nutrients out of the air around them and require no soil. This opens the door to realizing tons of creative indoor gardening ideas.

Like these floating jellyfish planters. They would do a lovely job of elevating your gardening corner and add more dimension to your room. Plus, they look adorable. Perfect for a place that needs a bit of cheering up.

Air plants are perfect for apartment indoor gardens

Keep the position of your windows in mind when choosing the plants for your indoor garden. West-facing windows can keep sun-loving plants happy, while north-facing windows will be suitable for shade-loving plants at most.

hanging glass planters for airplants

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If you want something more subdued and ‘adult’, hanging glass planters never fail at bringing an airy lightness to the room. Fill these glass droplets with air plants, moss, and small details like pebbles or beads. Suspended in the air on a thin string, these will look beautiful above your indoor garden.

The hanging planters can add more dimension to your room

Don’t forget to thoroughly mist your air plant once a week.

hanging crystals airplants indoor garden ideas

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As for more ‘magical’ planters, go with this one. This planter serves not only as a house for your air plant but also as a minimalist piece of decor for your own house. The air plant sits between flexible wire loops with a raw piece of quartz crystal suspended above it. Even one of these can instantly add a boho touch to your room. Imagine the magic when it is combined with other hanging planters in your indoor garden.

No soil – adding propagation & cuttings to your indoor garden

flower cuttings planters

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Water propagation is a fun way of multiplying your houseplants.

It involves placing cuttings in a glass of water. Or, if you want to make propagation a part of your indoor garden, in one of these beautiful propagation stations. These allow you to rooting cuttings into pieces of decor. And with a hanging station like the one above, save more space for other green inhabitants.

Propagation adds visual variety to indoor gardens

Remember to change the water every 3-5 days when propagating plants.

flower propagation for indoor garden

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Some plants also thrive in water and don’t need soil. These propagation stations can be a permanent home for such plants as Lucky Bamboo, Philodendron, Spider Plant, Begonia, and even herbs like mint, green onions, and celery.

The propagation station above is broken down into 3 parts. This allows you to place plants in different spots to ensure the right level of light for each one.

You can even grow a tree using this method

You can pot your avocado plant when it grows 6”(15cm) tall.

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Growing avocados from seed has become a huge trend that is still going strong. But now acorns have entered the game and are here to stay.

These vases from Ilex Studio allow you to grow avocado and oak trees in the comfort of your home. Their unique shape allows the plants to properly grow their roots while maintaining the minimalist aesthetic.

When you’re not growing the next big tree, you can use these vases for flowers and propagating houseplants.

Or grow an avocado tree using a glass of water and a sprouter

avocado sprouter for an indoor gardening project

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You can also grow an avocado tree in a simple glass. But if you’d like to avoid a mess of toothpicks that keep the seed afloat, you can use this lovely sprouter set.

These handmade clay trays make growing an avocado a simple affair – place the sprouter over a glass of water and put the seed in the center of it.

For small spaces — setting up a vertical indoor garden

Placing your herb garden by the window is crucial since herbs require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.

herb indoor gardening ideas

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What is the first rule of decorating a small space? Go vertical. You can apply this rule to all of your indoor gardening ideas as well.

Which brings us to this set of vertical planters. You can hang these on the side of a cupboard by the window and grow your own herb garden. In fact, they are positioned diagonally so you can pluck the herbs faster in the middle of cooking. Gotta appreciate ergonomic planters!

Grow an indoor herb garden without wasting counter space

Add some pebbles to the bottom of the planter pot to make sure your herbs’ roots are not sitting in water.

herb indoor garden wall planters

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Here’s a more rustic version of vertical herb planters with an added twist. The 3 planters are mounted on a chalkboard that you can use to label your new green residents.

You can mount these side by side to create a gorgeous indoor garden (and a green accent wall in the process).

If there’s no place on the windowsill, go for the windows

For herbs, get a potting mix, not potting soil. It will provide additional drainage for your plants and help them thrive longer.

herb indoor garden window planter

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In case you don’t have space on the walls (which happens), there is still a way to mount some vertical planters. Behold! It is a herb planter that adheres to any kind of window giving your plants plenty of sunlight. With the herb garden bustling on the window, you’ll have plenty of free space to fill with other interesting indoor gardening ideas.

Building an indoor garden in a small space with plant towers

Remember to rotate your tower so that every plant gets its required time in the sun. Or you can plant sun-loving plants on one side, and shade-loving on the other.

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Plant towers bring ‘going vertical’ to new heights. If you can’t mount hanging planters but still want a multilayered indoor garden, these are a great solution.

The one above can hold 9 plants but it compact enough to fit on a kitchen counter. With proper drainage in place and a rotating base, this plant tower ensures that your flowers or herbs are comfortable.

A tower is a great base for an indoor vegetable garden too

Strawberries! Strawberries have shallow roots which makes plant towers a perfect habitat for them to grow. Just keep in mind that they require at least 6 hours of sun per day.

large plant tower for balcony and indoor gardening

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Bigger doesn’t always mean better. But in this case, it does mean that, with more plants to boot.

This plant tower allows you to grow 20 plants in the tiniest of spaces. You can use it as a home for decorative plants or try your hand at growing fruits and vegetables. It also makes watering a lot easier — pouring water down the top pot will take care of the lower tiers.

You can also build your own DIY indoor garden

indoor gardening windowsill planter

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How about this windowsill planter? It is an amazing idea for setting up a one-of-a-kind indoor succulent garden. This planter is a DIY creation that is made-to-measure from reclaimed wood. So if you’re in the mood to roll up your sleeves and make a planter like this, go for it! It looks incredibly unique and is perfect for a small apartment.

Magnetic planters — the kings of no-drill indoor gardening ideas

If you’re planning on growing herbs on your fridge, consider much sunlight your herbs will get. If it’s not much, some herbs like mint, chives, and parsley will still thrive in the shade.

magnetic herb garden planters

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We all have fridges. It is the source of food or, in some cases, contemplation when you have nothing in there but still keep checking it every five minutes.

But it is also free real estate for setting up an indoor garden (or creating extra counter space). These magnetic planters allow you to grow a full herb garden right on your fridge. They’ll add a splash of green to the kitchen without taking up much space even in the tiniest setting.

Magnet planters are perfect for adding a bit of greenery to the room

magnetic airplants fridge planters

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Magnetic planters can also hold air plants. Like these artistic moon-shaped magnets that you can place on the front of the fridge. Or if you have one, you can put these on a whiteboard above your desk to pretty up your home office.

DIY terrarium ideas — start with a kit

Remember to place your terrarium in indirect sunlight (some distance away from the window or near a window with a  sheer curtain).

glass terrarium birdcage


Another way to start your indoor garden is by building your own terrarium. You can start small by choosing one of the terrarium building kits from above. You can also choose the aesthetic of the terrarium. Will it be a lively desert or a mossy fairy garden?

And add accessories and new plants to it

To avoid over-watering your terrarium use a spray bottle instead of a watering can.


Later you can move on to large terrarium containers with more plants and accessories. Oh, the accessories! You can fill your terrarium with little inhabitants like the ones above. You can build a whole magical city hidden among the moss and leaves with tiny fences running along the edges of the terrarium.

Building a terrarium from the ground up can help you bond with the plants and unleash your imagination. These are valuable skills to have in indoor gardening.

Adding dimension with hanging indoor gardening ideas

tiny hanging sloth planter indoor garden accessory

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Just like backyard gardens have unique decorations, indoor gardens need ones too. This hanging sloth is the indoor version of a garden gnome. It is incredibly cute, comes in multiple sizes, and can house your favorite plants. Hang it in between larger plants to really double down on the ‘indoor jungle’ aesthetic.

And you don’t need to drill to have these hanging planters

Hanging plants look gorgeous when they gracefully trail down from the pot. For this effect try planting Marble Pothos, Silver Philodendron, String of Pearls, or String of Hearts.

hanging macrame plantershanging macrame planters

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Indoor gardening ideas that are renters-friendly are always welcome. These macrame planter holders bring the boho aesthetic to the table and do not require drilling. You can simply hang them on heavy-duty command hooks.

This is perfect for those who can’t drill or don’t want to, because it always ends up being a tougher task than it seems.

Wider hanging shelves for planters can also hold decorative items and knick-knacks

hanging wooden macrame planters for indoor garden

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Add more dimension to your indoor garden and save on floor space with these hanging macrame shelves.

These beauties come in several sizes and braid lengths. Your plants will look absolutely magical suspended from the ceiling. What’s more, you can add other pieces of decor to the shelves if the plant size allows it (like the faux String Of Beads plant in the picture).

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