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24 Space-Saving Furniture Pieces You Can Actually Get

24 Space-Saving Furniture Pieces You Can Actually Get

Space-saving furniture is a true lifesaver in small apartments.

Unfortunately, often enough space-saving products and multifunctional furniture remain only in concept stages never seeing the light of day.

But there are some pieces of space-saving furniture you can actually buy and reap the benefits of them in your own home.

This list is divided by rooms. So you’ll get to see everything – from expensive to cheap space-saving furniture – for every nook in your apartment.

Click on the one you’re interested in to see space-saving furniture for:

  1. Living Rooms
  2. Bedrooms
  3. Kitchen/Dining Rooms
  4. Bathrooms
  5. Nursery/Kid’s Room
  6. Balcony

But I highly advise looking through the whole list, never know when the ‘eureka!’ moment will strike.

And if you’re interested in setting up a home office make sure to check out this guide as well.

Happy scrolling!


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Space-saving Furniture For Living Rooms

Lift-top coffee table with stools

lift-top coffee table with stools

lift top coffee table
Here’s a simpler (and more affordable) lift top coffee table that is just as useful.

Buy it here

Now, here’s a space-saving champion.

First of all, it is a modern, sleek coffee table with a tempered glass top. Once you lift the top you get a) a desk for working or studying and b) a built-in storage space.

But that’s not all. This compact coffee table also hides 3 stools underneath. They seamlessly align with the table’s round frame to save space and give your interior a minimalistic look.

Buy it here


Cat Condo Ottoman Stool

cat condo ottoman stool

Let’s be real, pet stuff takes up lots of space. And while we all would gladly sacrifice our own comfort for the sake of our pets, there’s no harm in looking into more space-efficient pet furniture.

Well, gotta love the fact that space-saving living room furniture for cats and humans exists.

It’s a stylish stool that both you and your cat can share. You, while sitting on it and your cat while sitting inside of it. It is made of solid wood and scratch-resistant fabric which means it can handle both humans and felines.

Plus, a spare stool will always come in handy when you’re receiving guests.

Buy it here


Coffee table dog bed

space-saving furniture for dogs

This one is also one of the best space-saving solutions for pet owners.

This faux rattan side table features a built-in pet bed. The opening is wide enough to house even larger dogs and cats. Designed specifically for pet owners, the side table is sturdy and easy to clean. Plus, it is quite easy on the eyes.

So where you’d normally have to waste space on a pet bed, you can now have a functional and stylish side table.

Buy it here


Stacking side tables

stacking nesting coffee tables

nesting side tables
Here’s another set of nesting side tables that have a bit more flair.

Buy them here

Use these stacking side tables to instantly create surface space in your living room.

When not in use, you can have one side table with the other two nested right underneath it. But when, say, guests come over you can spread all 3 tables around the room to hold drinks, snacks, and whatever else you entertain your guests with.

Once the party is over, stack them back together.

You can also slightly spread them out like on the picture above to create a larger coffee table.

Buy it here


Space-saving Furniture For Bedrooms

Shoe storage ottoman bench

space-saving shoe storage ottoman

space-saving shoe storage shelf

Here’s also a shoe storage solution that doubles as a shelving unit.

Buy it here

Any small-space dweller has faced this crucial question – “where do I store the shoes?”

How about in this space-saving ottoman. Apart from being a comfy place to sit, it houses 3 tiers of shelves that can store up to 9 pairs of shoes. You can add and remove shelves as needed to make space for high boots or bulky winter shoes.

You can keep this ottoman in your bedroom or make space for it in the entryway. Either way, it will bring a bit of elegance into the decor.

Buy it here


Upper-level loft bunk bed

space-saving bedroom loft bed

bunk bed desk for adults
Here’s a space-saving modern bunk bed combined with a desk.
Buy it here

Now, this is an interesting take on space-saving furniture for studio apartments.

This metal frame houses a bunk bed on top. The bed frame is meant for a full-size mattress and supports up to 250 lbs. It’s a perfect place for one to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Underneath is where the magic happens. With the bed off the floor, you get tons of space below at your disposal. Make a recreational area out of it by setting up a TV, a console, and a small couch. Set up a home office by following the advice in this post. Maybe, it will be your creative corner for arts and crafts. Or get a few clothing racks to build a makeshift walk-in closet.

This space-saver bed opens up tons of possibilities.

Buy it here


Lifting platform bed

space-saving bed with under bed storage

If you are in the mood for a more traditional bed that will still save you lots of space, behold!

Space-saving bedroom furniture for small rooms has never looked so good. The bed frame alone will be a stylish addition to your decor thanks to its tuft design.

The mattress sits on a platform outfitted with a gas lift mechanism. This allows you to effortlessly lift the top half of the bed.

Inside, you’ll have plenty of space to fill with seasonal or everyday clothes, compact workout gear, and anything else that needs to be put in storage.

Buy it here


Space-saving Furniture For Kitchen/Dining Rooms

2-in-1 kitchen island and bar with stools

space-saving kitchen island and bar with stools

This table is everything.

You can use it to create more counter space in a small kitchen.

The drop leaf table can accommodate two people. And those two people can sit on the bar stools that can be stored inside the cart.

Additionally, this bar cart has 2 drawers for some essentials. Thanks to the wheels on the bottom you can maneuver this table cart around the kitchen or living room. But no worries, two of the wheels have a locking mechanism to keep the table in place.

Buy it here


Extending dining table

extending drop leaf dining table

A space-saving table for two (or more) coming up.

This drop leaf table is a perfect addition to a small apartment. It takes up minimal space but can comfortably seat two people.

But if you decide to have some people over, you can extend its length from 30 to 47 inches. This way you’ll be able to accommodate up to 6 people in no time.

Plus, this minimalistic solid wood table will perfectly suit any interior.

Buy it here


5-in-1 Nesting Ottoman

stacking convertible ottoman

Finding a place to sit for your guests can be challenging in a small space. I once had to sit on a coffee table instead of an actual chair.

But if you have this convertible ottoman, you will never have this problem again. Think of it as a nesting doll. Only instead of dolls this ottoman houses 5 seats. Unstack them by simply pulling off the metal frame of the main ottoman.

Needless to say, this one is a true space-saver for the seatless.

Buy it here


Space-saving Furniture For Bathrooms

Behind-the door Hidden Storage Cabinet

behind-the-door storage cabinet
In a small apartment, you need to utilize every available bit of space. And that’s exactly what this storage cabinet does.

This piece of space-saving furniture has a capacity of 5 standard medicine cabinets. But it is so narrow that you can install behind any wall-adjacent door. It mounts directly onto the door hinges and no special skill is required to install it.

Use it for bathroom storage, makeshift pantry in the kitchen, or a makeup station.

It is discreet, minimalistic, and incredibly useful in a small space.

Buy it here


Over-the-toilet storage shelf

over the toilet storage shelf

It is not easy to create additional storage space in a small bathroom. But with the right space-saving furniture, everything is possible.

This shelf was specifically designed to fit over a toilet. It has 3 shelves, with the top shelf having a load capacity of 11 lbs, middle 15 lbs, and bottom 19 lbs. You can fill it with toiletries, towels, cosmetics, toilet paper, and more.

You can also fit it over a washing machine if the measurements allow it (the shelf itself measures 25”L×9.8”W×161.4’H).

And although some storage-friendly pieces of furniture sacrifice the looks for the usability, this one is actually easy on the eyes.

Buy it here


Narrow Rolling Cart

narrow bathroom rolling cart

Do you have any narrow nooks in the bathroom? Like that sliver of space between the toilet and the sink?

That is some valuable space we cannot afford to waste.

Enter this rolling cart.

It is narrow enough (5.1”) to fit in a nook like that and give you 3 shelves-worth of storage space. This is a great space-saver for the bathroom but can also be used in other rooms (we’ve actually featured it in our article about kitchen counter space-savers). It can even be one of those space saving bedroom ideas you’ve been looking for.

Buy it here


Space-Saving Furniture For Nursery/Kid’s Rooms

Convertible Helper Stool & Desk

convertibe kitchen helper stool

If you want to involve your kids in the kitchen, keep them creative, and save space, this helper stool in the one.

This convertible helper tower doubles as a little table and chair for drawing, reading, or playing. You can convert it at any time by simply folding it and securing the clasps on the side.

So you get 2 fun activities for your kids in one sturdy space-saving piece of furniture.

Buy it here


Daybed Storage Couch

daybed couch

This one is for older kids who would like to have a bed and a couch in their room.

This daybed is a perfect combination of both. A wooden slat base fits a standard twin size mattress and ensures proper air circulation. It also has two built-in drawers for extra storage in a kid’s room.

So by night, it can be a comfortable bed. By day, cover it with a throw blanket and it becomes a space-saving sofa for hanging out with friends or playing video games.

Buy it here


3-in-1 Convertible Crib

convertible space-saving 4-in-1 crib

This space-saving crib grows along with your baby.

As a crib, it features a changing table, two shelves, and two drawers for increased storage in the nursery.

Later on, you can convert it into a toddler bed using a separately sold guardrail (available here). Once your kid has grown more, you can use another conversion kit (available here) to turn this crib into a full-size bed.

Even without the changes, this crib is a beautiful piece of modern space-saving furniture for small nurseries in need of storage space.

Reasonable to say that this crib is here to stay.

Buy it here


Space-saving Furniture For Balconies

Compact Balcony Table Set

space-saving balcony table set

Here’s another space-saving idea for a balcony – fully folding table & chairs set.

Buy it here

If you have a tiny balcony, this compact set of patio furniture is for you.

The weather-resistant chairs slide right into the frame of the table. The chairs match the table almost with puzzle-like precision so they take up minimal space when slotted together.

The 26”L×20”W×29”H wicker table features tampered glass top so you can use it for dining and wining while enjoying some fresh air.

Buy it here


Balcony Storage Bench Separator

When it comes to space-saving furniture IKEA has to be on the list. And this guy is a must-have on a balcony.

First, you can use the storage space inside the bench for tools, soil for plants, and more. Plus, you can line it with pillows for comfortable seating.

Second, the adjacent vertical panel features 6 hooks and a shelf. Use these for storage, decorating, hanging tools or plants.

But the best part is that you can position the panel just so that it gives you privacy from neighboring balconies or passersby.balcony storage bench

Buy it here


Folding Balcony Table Desk

folding balcony table

Here’s a space-saving table for those who’d like to work or relax on the balcony.

You can adjust the railing attachment and height of this desk to suit your needs. To avoid bumping into it, you can fold the table flat to save some space. It holds up to 50 lbs so it should handle a laptop or some dishware.

Now, it’s time to enjoy the fresh air and cold drinks.

Buy it here


Hopefully, you’ve found something for saving space in your little abode.

If you’d like to see a whole list dedicated to one room and furniture that’ll help you save space in it, chime off in the comments.

In the meantime, check out our other guides and listicles below.

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