Vintage Halloween decorations can be spooky, funny, or outright terrifying.

But they are also a surefire way to bring a bit of variety to this year’s Halloween party.

This list includes tons of decorations inspired by old photos and postcards that celebrate the odd holiday that is Halloween. You can see the vintage images that have inspired the inclusion of most items on this list here.

And if you want even more spooky spirit in your life (and home) you can head over to this post for Halloween decorations you can use all year long. Or this post for Halloween enthusiasts that want some ideas for apartment decorations.

But enough of talking, let’s get crackalackin’.


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Pumpkin pokes

vintage halloween decorations pumpkin pokes

my primitive handmades

There are some pumpkin pokes that are simple and cute. And then there are these boys – old-fashioned, creepy, and absolutely awesome.

Decorations like these take you to the olden days when Halloween costumes and ornaments were simpler. And, consequently, scarier.

You can use them as intended and stab your pumpkin with them. On the other hand, you can add them to other fall decorations in a vase, centerpiece bowl, or jar. Whatever you decide, these vintage pumpkin pokes are bound to bring a dash of good ol’ spookiness to the table.

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Bats wall stickers

bat wall stickers

Another representatives of the Halloween animal kingdom, bats are a must-have piece of your vintage decor.

This 28-pack of 3D stickers contains bats in a variety of sizes. You can stick them all around your house, be it on walls and even windows (indoors).

There are tons of cool ideas you can realize with these spooky guys. Just see the picture below where they’re escaping a haunted dollhouse. Creepy. But awesome mood-setter for a Halloween party.


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Vintage pumpkins

1930s vintage jack o lantern

Scout and Forged

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I’ve promised vintage and so I’m bringing you vintage.

The papier-mache pumpkin you can see above comes straight from the 1930s. Unlike the modern Jack O’ Lanterns, this one has much more human-like features. This, combined with the signs of wear and tear, somehow makes it scarier.

1980s vintage jack o lantern

ozark collectibles

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In the same way, this blue-eyed gentleman comes from the past. The mid-80s to be exact.

His smile says ‘hello’, his eyes scream ‘murder’. Fun and scary – a perfect Halloween combination.

vintage gas can jack o lantern

Refunked Junkies

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Now, this is a vintage gas canister upcycled into a rustic Jack O’ Lantern. You can fill its insides with battery-powered string lights or an LED candle.

This shop turns all kinds of stuff into Halloween decorations, from old buckets to vintage fire extinguishers. You can check them out here.


Faux crows

halloween faux crow props

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A crow is one of the many animals that have become an integral part of Halloween decor. As a result, crows regularly appeared in vintage Halloween decorations and postcards.

So it’s only logical that these smart birds have a dedicated spot on this list.

Make sure to include these prop crows into your decorating spree. These come in a 3-pack and are surprisingly realistic. You can place them on pieces of furniture or balcony railings using bendable wires at their feet.

halloween crow skeleton prop

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A crow is one of the many animals that have become an integral part of Halloween decor. As a result, crows regularly appeared in vintage Halloween decorations and postcards.

So it’s only logical that these smart birds have a dedicated spot on this list.

Make sure to include these prop crows into your decorating spree. These come in a 3-pack and are surprisingly realistic. You can place them on pieces of furniture or balcony railings using bendable wires at their feet.


Skeleton tableware

vintage halloween tableware

We are huge fans of holiday decor you can use all year. So we had to add this entry to our list of nostalgic Halloween decorations.

One of the staples of the olden days is whimsical and unique tableware. And adding skeletons into the mix gives you instant spooky retro vibes.

You can get these stainless steel spoons and forks separately or in a bundle. They measure approximately 6.2” (16 cm) and are perfect for a retro Halloween dinner party. Or as a gift for those who prefer a dash of spooky with their meals.

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Owl decorations

halloween owl props

Bats, cats, crows – all of these come to mind when you think of Halloween. But owls? Not so much.

Well, browsing through a few vintage Halloween postcards shows quite the opposite. Owls frequently appear beside other iconic Halloween characters which makes them a must on our list.

Take, for example, this little family of 2 prop snow owls. You can easily add them to a classic Halloween setting surrounded by cobwebs, witches, skeletons, and all that. But you can also use them while decorating for Christmas. These guys would fit right into the magical scenery surrounded by snow and sparkle. It’s a multi-holiday win!

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Simulated fire light bulbs

fire flame LED light bulbs


Fire can add much more vintage air to any room than ordinary LED light. Especially if we consider that bonfires used to be an integral part of the ancient celebrations of Halloween (or, as it used to be called, Samhain). Which brings us to these light bulbs.

You can install these like any other ordinary light bulb. But when lit up, these LED bulbs glow alight with fire. Fluid motion and flickering included. You can get them separately or in packs of various sizes.

It’s an amazing addition to any Halloween party especially if you’re angling for an old-fashioned theme.

Psst, you can also get them with a blue flame effect, which looks completely out of this world, here.

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Skeleton glasses

old fashioned stemless skeleton glasses.jpg

Pottery Barn

These antique-looking stemless glasses encased in bony hands are just what you need to serve Halloween drinks.

Spooky but elegant, they can add a timeless aura to any beverage. And they seem like something you’d receive from a witch. Plus, this is one of those Halloween decorations you can use all year that we’ve written about before.

Psst, if you want to add a smoke effect to your drinks, you can find out more here.

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Vintage tablecloths

vintage halloween decorations tablecloth

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A lot of Halloween decorations from the olden days have a much more festive and family-friendly look to them than modern ones. You know, the “entertain the little kids” kind of look as opposed to the “scare the living daylights out of everyone” one.

This embroidered tablecloth perfectly shows the more light-hearted side of Halloween celebrations. It’s fun and old-fashioned with details that represent the most iconic Halloween symbols like cats, bats, and Jack O’Lanterns.

You can get it in a square or runner style that you can combine with a larger tablecloth.

vintage lace tablecloth

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But if you want something more serious and eerie, why not go with a simple lace tablecloth?

It still has undeniably Victorian connotations and brings a more ghostly atmosphere to the table. If you’re aiming to turn your home into a haunted house, this tablecloth is a must.

And, once again, it’s a Halloween decoration you’ll be able to use all year long.


Beistle decorations

beistle jointed black cat

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Beistle Company has been one of the largest manufactures of Halloween decorations since the 1920s. The die-cut paper decorations were extremely popular years ago and some of you might even remember these from your childhood.

So if you want to go vintage, you need a few of Beistle cutouts in your arsenal.

halloween black cat band pack

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These are the reproductions of the old designs that the company has decided to bring back. It is easily distinguished by the cartoonish characters and the leading combination of reddish-orange and black.

vintage halloween decorations pack

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This is just the tip of an iceberg that is the catalog of Beistle Halloween decorations. Apart from the ones you can see above (I know, I’m totally biased towards cats) you can find a variety of other characters here be it a witch, a bat, tons of Jack O’Lanterns, skeletons, scarecrows, and more.


Motion-activated creepy old doll

vintage halloween decoration doll

This little doll will be the bone-chilling addition to your Halloween setup.

Created to resemble a haunted porcelain doll crafted hundreds of years ago, this 15” lady is a motion-activated one. It can talk and it has some interesting things to say, such as “Come play with me” or “I’m watching you”.

Also, its blank face is reminiscent of the creepy homemade Halloween masks that were popular in the first half of the XX century.

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Crystal ball

crystal ball decoration


Using crystal balls to receive visions from the beyond is a practice that is as old as time.

As a result, crystal balls came to be associated with magic, ghosts, and witches, especially in the Halloween context. You can find tons of vintage photographs and Halloween postcards that feature a crystal ball.

So, if you want to bring a touch of magic to your Halloween decor, a crystal ball is a great starting point. The one above is available in 4 sizes, ranging from 80 to 150 mm.

Additionally, since looking through it warps everything in sight, you can use a crystal ball for taking interesting pictures. We’re all about multipurpose here.

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Candles (LED)

flameless halloween candles

No Halloween is complete without the eerie glow of candlelight.

You can pair them with anything to up the ghostly atmosphere to the max. But, to avoid fire hazards, you can go for this assortment of LED candles. They are extremely lifelike but don’t pose a threat when surrounded by a sea of Halloween decorations.

These are available in a pack of 6 or 9 candles. Coupled with a handy timer setting, these are a must in any Halloween-ready abode.

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Black cats

black cat sculpture

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Let’s be real, black cats are the staple of vintage Halloween. These furry rascals have ruled the spooky scene for the longest time. The sheer amount of Halloween postcards these felines have inspired is staggering.

halloween cat skeleton prop

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So if you’re aiming for vintage Halloween decorations, a kitty is a must.

You can add one to your decor in the form of a sculpture, a skeleton prop (which is terrifying), or a wall decal (comes in 4 sizes).

black cat wall decal

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Also, remember that Beistle has a ton of beautiful vintage cutouts that feature black cats.

Vintage anatomy posters

vintage human anatomy poster prints

No Halloween decor is complete without a few skeletons in the mix.

This vintage set of posters is not only here for the spooks. It actually features photos of human anatomy patents from 1911 and 1961. That’s a vintage Halloween decoration with an intellectual spin right there.

You can even keep these up even after Halloween right alongside your other decorative posters. It would be a great conversation piece for sure.

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Rattle wands/shakers/rattles

vintage halloween paper mache rattles

my primitive handmades

Vintage? Yep. Scary? Absolutely.

These papier-mache rattles are inspired by typical festive Halloween decorations from the olden days. Handmade and terrifying in their simplicity.

Use these spooky ornaments for decorating centerpieces, vases, or for adding a dash of creepy to your fall-themed decor.

You can get these pre-made rattle wands or, if you are in a DIY mood, make your own. You’ll find the tutorial here.

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Corn decor

dried mini corn decorations

Edwards Farm

Before it became what it is today, Halloween used to celebrate a bountiful harvest.

And while the holiday later took a turn for the spookier, harvest decor elements stuck around. Corn and corn husks, in particular, commonly appeared both in costume elements as well as staged Halloween photographs.

You can add this 3-inch dried corn to your other vintage Halloween decorations. Additionally, you can use it to create a festive fall-themed table centerpiece.

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Vintage string lights

halloween pumpkin string lights

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Every holiday needs a set of string lights. Heck, every day needs a set of string lights. So we’re not just going to skip over them just because we’re in a vintage territory.

These adorable pumpkin string lights look like they’ve come straight out of a retro Halloween postcard. Designed to resemble small lanterns, these LED lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

vintage black cat string lights

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As for these guys above, black cats are a must in a vintage Halloween setting. Especially if you have a charming set of 10 string lights like this one.

These cartoonish kitties have an undeniable retro vibe about them. And with orange flicker LED lights inside, they’ll add a whiff of nostalgia to your Halloween celebration. Just as they should.

Need more inspiration? You can head over to this Pinterest board that includes both the images you’ve seen in this post and more ideas for your vintage spook galore.

And don’t forget to pin this post to your Halloween-themed Pinterest board for future reference 😉