Just as humans need privacy, cats need proper cat trees in small spaces.

And it’s our responsibility as cat owners to provide them with suitable small space cat furniture. Every cat owner knows that their feline babies are not exactly social creatures. They need their space to relax while still staying aware of their surroundings.

A fitting cat tree can also help you tone down some of your cat’s destructive tendencies.

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The trick here is to find the one cat tree for your small space. This means looking at your and your cat’s habits, the kitty’s age, weight, physical abilities, and your living situation. Plus, the perfect space-saving cat tree needs to seamlessly blend into your small room.

Yes, this list contains the best cat trees for small spaces.

Additionally, every category includes some general advice, explanations for the choices, and tips on what to look out for when weeding through dozens of small cat trees.

So even if you live in a tiny, cramped apartment with a huge chonker of a cat, don’t worry – there is a cat tree for you, too.


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Cat towers for limited floor space

If you’re looking for an ideal cat tower for a small apartment, consider wall-mounted small cat trees.

These waste no space on the floor and satisfy your cat’s need for getting to high places. The only caveat is that you need to make sure to mount it properly to keep it safe and sturdy for your kitty.

Kerbl Wall-mounted XL Cat Tower

Great for:

Multi-cat households;
Limited floor space;
Cats that scratch a lot;

wall-mounted best cat tree for small spaces

Buy it here

We all want a cat tree that not only saves space but also looks good.

Well, here’s a space-saving cat tree that ticks all of the boxes.

This beautiful modern cat tree is a real treat for apartment dwellers who love minimalism. You can give your cats 73” of vertical space to enjoy while also maintaining your decor preferences.

It has 4 perches (2 of which swivel inward), a condo, a hammock, and a comfy cat bed with raised rims. If your cat sheds like crazy, you can remove the cushions for a quick wash. Plus, this cat tree will accomodate multiple cats even in a cramped room.

Big Nose Wall-Mounted Modular Cat Tower

Great for:

Multi-cat households;
Limited floor space;

wall-mounted cat tower with a scratching post

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This modular cat furniture from Big Nose allows you to build a whole entertainment complex for multiple cats. So yes, you get to create the best cat tree that suits your needs to a T.

On a wall, no less, which is a great space-saving solution for cats that need tons of entertainment. If you are renting your apartment, drilling the walls might land you in trouble with the landlord so keep scrolling for other small cat trees we’ve got on this list.

The first piece is Multivels – a 43” jute rope post with 2 pinewood planks and a hammock.

The planks and the hammock can be rotated so you can adjust their position however you want. Interesting fact, the jute scratching rope was chosen for the scratching post over sisal to make sure that even cats with freshly clipped nails could climb it.

Moreover, you can get two of these cat towers and combine them for a floor-to-ceiling cat tree with 6 places to sit in.

Buy it here

The second piece is a separate scratching post combined with a wall-mounted cat condo. You can combine this 32” unit with the Multivels from above to keep things interesting for your cat in a cramped space.

The kitty can rest inside the condo or sit on top of it. If your cat prefers the latter option, don’t worry. The top cover of the condo is removable and can be washed to remove cat hair.

hanging hammock attachment for scratching posts

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Last but not least comes this heated faux fur hammock attachment.

You can add this heated hammock to your existing cat tree or to the wall-mounted units above.

The heating mechanism stops working when it reaches 95°F and it is waterproof. The hammock is made of soft material and is big enough to even hold a Maine Coon kitty. So your small cats or large kitties can stay warm on cold days while curled up in this hammock.

PawHut Floor To Ceiling No-drill Cat Tower

Great for:

Multi-cat households;
Limited floor space;
Old cats;

no-drill floor to ceiling cat tower

Buy it here

Attention renters, small-space cat people, and drill-haters!

This is the narrowest cat tree you can get which is a lifesaver for tiny apartments with not much space on the floor.

Normally, to compensate for its slenderness a cat tree would have to be attached to the wall or ceiling. After all, a cat tower needs to be super sturdy to withstand a kitty’s jumps and zoomies.

However, this space-saving cat tree attaches to the ceiling with 2 spring-loaded tension brackets, no drilling required. It is one of the best cat trees for tiny apartments and renters who want to avoid losing their deposits.

To be fair, it doesn’t look like other, more traditional small cat trees. It has a sturdy metal tubing structure, 3 perches (can hold up to 11 lbs), and a hammock. You can move the perches around and adjust them to your cat’s liking. So even in advanced age, your cat will be able to climb it if you set up the perches close enough.

Catforest Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree

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If the cat tree above is not to your liking, take a look at this one.

This cat tree from Catforest has a small footprint, just enough to fit into small apartments. Yet, unlike most cat trees, it still has plenty of space for your cat to explore. With tons of natural sisal rope to scratch, 4 perches to rest on, and hammock add-ons this is a great cat tree for little furry rascals that need more space to explore.

It has 3 height options so it can snuggly fit from floor to ceiling — giving your kitty new heights to conquer and saving space in the process.

Wall-mounted shelves, beds & bridges bundle

Great for:

Multi-cat households;
Limited floor space;

wall-mounted cat tree kit for small spaces wall-mounted cat tree for small spaces wall-mounted cat tree for small spaces

Buy it here

Minimalist Wall-Mounted Cat Perches

best cat perches for small spaces

These wall-mounted perches were featured in one of our ‘best of the week’ articles but it also deserves a shoutout here.

Buy it here

If you think most cat trees designed for small spaces won’t be enough to satisfy your kitty, take a look at this. This bundle allows you to build a whole kitty entertainment complex on your walls.

It includes 3 cat boxes with pillows, 6 perches, and 2 bridges. You can request a customized size of each part and choose a color that’ll be right for your decor.

So if your feline friends wreak havoc on the floor and you have no space even for small cat trees… Send them to explore the walls. Cat love high perches, bridges, and wall-mounted beds.

They’ll have endless fun with it.

Cat trees for kittens and small cats

Although curious kittens may be drawn to high places, getting a tall cat tree for them can be dangerous. Kittens sometimes lack proper coordination to get back to the ground from tall trees. This can cause painful falls or moments of panic for your young kitty.

So what you need is to start small –  either get a shorter cat tree, one with closely placed platforms, or one that has strategically placed ramps.

Get a cat tree that has a condo so the kitten can hide and observe what’s happening around town. Start encouraging scratching, as well, by including sisal rope into the mix.

Heybly Cat Condo Complex For A Small Space

Great for:

Kittens & smaller cats;
Old cats;

Buy it here

This gray faux fur cat tree will serve your kitten way into its adult years.

Ideal for small rooms, this cat tree measures 25.59” L x 11.81” W x 32.68” H (65 x 30 x 83 cm). The cat condo at the bottom allows your kitten to hide and relax any time it wants. The distance between the tiers is easy to climb up and down. Your kitten will also have plenty of surfaces for sharpening their kitty claws with the natural sisal rope posts on the sides.

But, as I said, this cat tree condo is spacious enough for an adult cat. So think of this affordable cat tree as a long-term investment.

Hyabi Multi-Level Cat Tree

Great for:

Kittens & smaller cats;
Old cats;
Multi-cat household;

Buy it here

This nautical-themed cat tower was designed for households with more than two cats. But it will also be great for young kittens thanks to one feature – the ramp. It will satisfy your kitten’s need to climb higher while allowing for a safe descend afterward. The ramp also leads up to a condo in which the kitty can sleep in peace.

Additionally, the tree is made of high-quality particle boards and a thickened reinforced soleplate to prevent the tree from toppling when your kitten gets large and jumpy. And despite how roomy it is, the cat tree takes up relatively little space on the floor.

Cat trees for old cats in a small space

Orthopedic Cat Bed

This bed for older cats (and dogs) features orthopedic foam with an egg-crate cut that improves circulation and supports aching joints.

Buy it here

Just because cats get old doesn’t mean their needs change. They still have to scratch, stretch, and exercise regularly in their small apartment. Only in this case, a senior cat’s health and abilities should be taken into account. Many cats can struggle with aching joints, arthritis, or weight problems that can make jumping or climbing to the top of a tree difficult.

That is why a good cat tree for a senior cat will look similar to a kitten’s.

Meaning small cat trees with ramps, stairs, short distances between platforms, and increased stability. But make sure that the cat tree can handle your kitty’s weight, especially if he or she weighs more than normal.

PAWZ tree-tier cat perch

Great for:

Old cats;
Kittens & smaller cats;
Large cats;

Buy it here

This is overall the best choice for a senior cat in a small space.

The faux fur cat tree takes up minimal floor space and measures 17.7″ x 19.7″ x 33.9″.

The reinforced base creates the necessary stability for a senior cat to climb it. There are 2 condos, a hanging toy, and an elevated perch with raised rims for your cat to lean on when resting.

There is a ramp as well as a short distance between the levels. This allows your cat to climb them with ease even at an advanced age. No need for jumping or straining aching limbs. To top it all off, it’s a pretty affordable cat tree that will keep your senior kitty happy in their twilight years.

EliteField 40-inch Faux Fur Cat Tree

Great for:

Old cats;
Multi-cat households;

best cat tree for older cats

Buy it here

This 22″ x 22″ x 40″ cat tree for small apartments has everything your senior kitty might need. Lots of vertical space, multiple steps to climb with ease, and a comfy faux fur bed to rest in.

Speaking of beds, the raised rim on each one is a huge plus. It gives your older cat a place to securely lean on and relax. But he or she can also comfortably rest on one of the steps.

This one also has several durable sisal scratching posts. The steps also feature scratching inserts if your kitty needs to sink its claws into something.

PetSafe Solvit Cat Steps

Great for:

Old cats;
Kittens & smaller cats;

foldale steps for old cats

Buy them here

Chances are your old cat already has a favorite spot to lounge on. But due to advanced age or pain is unable to jump high enough to reach it. Be it a cat tree, kitchen island, or bed you can help your kitty reach it by setting up these steps.

These measure 19.5” high and can support up to 150 lbs. Each individual step is only 5” high allowing your old cat to comfortably go up.

And this piece of cat furniture is ideal for small spaces – the steps fold for convenient storage.

Teodty 24” Cat Tree

low cat tree for an older cat in a small apartment

Buy it here

Although simple, this small cat tree consists of everything your senior cat might need.

As mentioned before, a senior cat has needs that are much closer to a kitten. Shorter distances between levels, less strain on their joints and claws, and so on. Still, your elderly cat also needs a nice quiet place to relax, sleep, and watch its surroundings.

The spacious condo gives your kitty a nice place to rest. And after a nap, he or she can easily climb on the soft top platform to observe the apartment. The short distance between the perch and the condo should spare your kitty’s aching limbs.

The soft plush 24” cat tree also has a natural sisal rope post for scratching and a hanging ball toy. And with a small footprint, this cat tree is perfect for a small room.

Cat trees for large cats

Previously featured

real tree cat tree

Also, make sure to check out this realistic “tree” cat tree for indoor cats written about right here.

Matching a small footprint cat tree to a big cat is a tall order but not an impossible one.

To make this a perfect list for big cats, we’re going to extremes and basing it on Maine Coons. Maine Coon is a large breed that can reach a length of 3 ft (91 cm) and weight of up to 18 lbs (8.2 kg). If a tree is good for a Maine Coon it’s going to be good for other larger cats.

Needless to say, to withstand such sizes a tree must be sturdy and made of solid wood (not pressed or cardboard). Otherwise, the force of your cat’s jump or ‘zoomies’ may topple it over.

Secondly, the tree’s platforms, be it a bed or condo, need to be spacious. Big cats dwelling in small apartments deserve a nice tree to relax in.

Prestige Cat Trees Narrow Tower

Great for:

Large cats;
Multi-cat households;

best cat tree for large cats

Buy it here

To provide enough space for a large cat, you need to go really high. And this 70”-tall cat tower is one of the best cat trees for a small apartment with a resident big kitty. And it has a relatively small footprint compared to its job of containing a huge cat.

It is made of solid wood covered with a household-grade rug. The posts feature unoiled sisal rope that cats love sinking their claws in.

Now, it doesn’t have any condos. But this tree comes with 5 spacious beds and platforms for resting, observing, and sleeping.

Speaking of beds, 2 of them feature high rims for your cat to lean on and ensure he or she feels safe.

Cat Tree King Tower

Great for:

Large cats;

cat tree king cat tree for a large cat

Buy it here

While many cat trees have platforms that aren’t spacious enough even for regular cats, Cat Tree King makes amazing cat furniture for big cats. Believe it or not, this is one of their more petite creations. And it’s one of the best cat towers for small spaces with a resident large feline that has plenty of space for your giant to lounge around.

Queensplace XXL Scratching Post

a cat tree for a small space with maine coons
There’s also this cat tree with a huge scratching post for big cats.

Buy it here

The 68 lbs cat tree is made of mega strong ABS known for its impact resistance and toughness. The 47 x 28 x 20-inch tree has no ‘naked’ spots since the soft plush covers every part of it.

And your cat can go on a scratching bonanza with two scratching posts set in place.

The true star of this cat tree, however, is the top perch. It is so spacious that even a human could feel quite comfortable sitting in it. The plush material really does look enticing.

Plus, there’s a condo to keep your large cat happy and rested.

Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree

We were debating which category this cat tree should sit in. It is a well-rounded cat tree for small living spaces with seven scratching posts, a relatively small footprint, and a cozy cat bed on top.

That same cat bed is what tipped the scales in favor of it being a great cat tree for larger felines. It is spacious, with raised sides to fully support a napping cat. And overall, it is made of sturdy medium-density fiberboard (MDF) which, when placed in the corner, should withstand the force of your bigger cat jumping on it.

Plus, for what it has to offer, this cat tree is more than affordable.

Buy it here

Portable cat trees for people who travel & move a lot

If you and your cat tend to move a lot, you need some portable cat furniture for small spaces.

This doesn’t mean that you have to give up a cat tree. But having a portable option while you’re waiting for a moving truck or traveling is a good idea.

K&H Pet Products Door-mounted Condos

Great for:

Multi-cat households;
Limited floor space;

hanging door-mounted cat condos

Buy it here

This hanging cat condo complex can be mounted on basically any door.

It features 5 levels with 7 peepholes. Each level of this cat ‘tree’ can hold up to 20 lbs making it suitable even for larger kitties

This is a perfect set of cat condos for a small space. It doesn’t take up floor space and can be folded down for easy storage. Or traveling.

Once again, it mounts on nearly any door, so you can give your cat a place to hide from other cats and rest virtually anywhere, be it in a bedroom or even a kitchen. It’s one of the best cat condos for small apartments if you’re looking for something different.

Trixie Folding Cat Tree

Great for:

Limited floor space;
Kittens & smaller cats

Buy it here

This is another great solution for those who need a simple cat tree set up in seconds.

This small cat tree has a hammock, a condo, 2 hanging toys, and a scratching post all in one portable design. So it has everything cats love in a small compact design.

You can fold it shut at any time for transport or to hide under the bed.

And with dimensions of 20.3″ x 13.8″ x 25.5″ it will not take up much space in a cramped room.

Cat trees for cats that scratch a lot

Couch Corner Scratching Post

couch corner scratching post best addition to a small apartment with a scratching cat
Train your cat to stop scratching the couch by placing this cover over the afflicted area.

Buy it here

Cats scratch. A lot.

It allows them to mark their territory, get some stretching done, and keep their claws healthy.

Problems arise when a cat starts destroying your furniture in the process. Don’t worry, you can get your cat to leave the furniture alone in several steps. But the first and most important step is to get him or her a proper tree with scratching posts.

In a small space, it is best to have a cat tree combined with a scratching post. Being a part of a cat tree will also make sure the post doesn’t wobble (unlike some freestanding ones). Otherwise, the kitty won’t use it.

Also, stick to natural sisal rope and fabric, no carpet-covered posts. You can read up more on scratching posts here.

Make sure the cat tree is tall enough for your feline friend to properly stretch, too. And, ideally, the cat tree will allow your cat to scratch both vertically and horizontally.

PetFusion Narrow Climbing Tower

Great for:

Cats that scratch a lot;
Limited floor space;

narrow climbing tower with scratching posts

Buy it here

This 77” modern cat tree tower offers your cat so much surface for scratching, even in a small living space.

It mounts to the wall to improve stability and entice your cat to start scratching. Two sisal scratching posts are also tall enough to allow your kitty to fully stretch.

Additionally, this tall cat tree has 2 modern wooden perches for rest and observing. Both perches have cushions that can be detached for spot cleaning or washing.

Most importantly, its narrow structure makes it one of the best cat trees for rooms with little space. All you need is a free spot on the floor and a wall to mount it to.

Cat Scratching Mat

Create horizontal scratching surfaces for your cat by placing these sisal mats next to the tree.

Buy it here

Lazy Buddy Scratching Base & Posts Condo

Great for:

Cats that scratch a lot;

lazy buddy cat condo for small spaces

Buy it here

What makes this small cat tree tower unique is its base. Instead of regular plush, it is lined with sisal fabric – a perfect spot for horizontal scratching.

It’s constructed of steel pipe which makes it extra stable. Two tall sisal scratching posts on the sides allow for a full kitty-sized stretch alongside hanging toys for playtime. There’s also a lovely 14”-wide condo placed in the center and a thick plush perch on top. So it can both be your cat’s scratching base and a place for rest and hiding.

This simple cat tree is a bit lower than previous entries, measuring 41” tall. But in terms of scratching, it has everything your cat needs. If the height is still of concern, you can add wall-mounted shelves above the tree.

Hey-Bro Multi-level Cat Tree Condo

Great for:

Cats that scratch a lot;
Big cats;
Multi-cat households;

hey bro multi-level cat tree for small a space

Buy it here

Here’s a great idea for scratching enthusiasts – a cat tree tower with a sisal fabric ramp.

This cat tree offers 3 posts to sink their claws in, 2 condos, a cat bed, and a hammock. But the true star of the show is the ramp. It is lined with sisal fabric which most cats would dub as their favorite material to dig claws in.

Plus, in small apartments with kittens or senior cats, this ramp will help them get to the top and back without problems. And both condos and the bed look pretty spacious, so this 41” tree can be a winner for medium-sized cats in the apartment, too.

PetPals Modern Cat Tree Condo

modern cat tree for a small apartment

Buy it here

Let’s state the obvious first. This is one of the most gorgeous cat trees for a small apartment.

It is also a great addition to a minimalist small apartment. The combination of wooden platforms and grey fleece makes this a beautiful addition to any decor.

But let’s focus on your cat’s needs. This small cat tree features a spacious condo and there are 3 perches for your kitty to lounge, including a padded top perch. It also has several scratching posts, with the main one being tall enough for your kitty to properly stretch.

And, an interesting addition, there is a cat massager located at the base of this small footprint cat tree. It will not only help groom your kitty but also keep shedding more contained.

Phew, that was intense.

I hope you have found the one, the only, the best cat tree for small spaces!

And, hey, make sure to save or Pin this article. It will come in handy when, say, your kitty grows older or you get your own place that you can drill into oblivion. This would be an ideal time to go back and look at the best cat trees for small apartments.

cat trees for small spaces