When it comes to small kid’s bedroom ideas, there are a lot of things to consider.

After all, parenthood is a journey that is full of surprises.

For every new milestone your child reaches, there are countless others just waiting to be uncovered.

One thing that all parents can relate to is the challenge of creating a space for their children that will both meet their needs and grow with them as they continue to develop.

So if you’re looking for some small kids room ideas, you’re in the right place! Read on for furniture and storage solutions as well as tips on how to make the most out of this important space.


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Beds and bunk beds

house toddler bed

Montessori house bed; 160 x 80cm (63” x 31”); solid pine wood

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Let’s start with the most important piece in any small kids bedroom ideas list – the bed.

montessori kids house bed

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When it comes to choosing a bed for a child’s small bedroom, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Beds should be both exciting and practical, and if they include storage space or playtime features, that’s only an added bonus.

kids bed with slide

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There are a variety of different types of kid’s room beds available on the market. Some popular options include bunk beds, which can grant you more space in a tiny bedroom, and loft beds, which offer extra storage or a play area underneath. Twin beds can also be strategically positioned to save space – try arranging them in an L shape alongside the walls.

kids bunk bed playhouse

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Whatever type of bed you choose, make sure it is well-constructed and safe for your child to use. As with all small kids bedroom ideas, it’s important to measure the space carefully before making a purchase, to ensure that the new bed will fit comfortably in the room.

Floating shelves

round plywood hanging shelf

Round shelf; 50 or 60 x 9xm (19.6” or 23.6” x 3.5”); plywood

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While decorating a kid’s small bedroom, one of the most important things to consider is how to make the best use of the limited space. Taking advantage of free wall space is one of the best small kids’ room ideas for avoiding clutter on the floor.

cloud floating shelves

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Wall shelves can save space in a small room and be used as storage for books, toys, night lights, and anything else that would’ve otherwise taken up floor space. Kid’s room shelves are also often made with fun playful design in mind, taking on the shape of clouds, planets, and more.

boho shelves for nursery

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When choosing floating shelves for a child’s bedroom, it’s important to consider who they are for.

nursery bookshelf

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Are they there for the parents to hold diapers, baby powder, and maybe decorative items. Or are they supposed to store toys your kid can easily grab during playtime? The answer will dictate the height at which the shelves will be positioned in your small kids room.

kids shelf clothing rack

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Last but not least, in a small kids bedroom, it is important to look for multi-functional furniture. Like, for example, the small kids bedroom idea above — a hanging shelf that also serves as a clothes rack.

Solutions such as this can not only save floor space but also allow your little one to play dress-up whenever he or she wants.

Toy storage

Toy Storage Organizer

Toy pocket organizer; 40 x 85 x 15cm (15.7” x 34” x 6”); wood & linen

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When furnishing and decorating a small kids bedroom, it is important to include a space for toy storage.

Toys can quickly take over a room and make it look cluttered and messy. There are many different types of toy storage options available, and we’ll be looking at some of them that can not only contain all their toys but also make kids’ rooms look fun to be in.

macrame kids toy hammockmacrame kids toy hammock

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We already spoke of the importance of wall shelves and wall space as a whole in decorating a small child’s space. So here’s another brilliant small kids bedroom idea that takes advantage of the available wall space. With these toy hammocks, you can once again turn to the walls for extra storage and keep the floor free of clutter.

toy hammock organizer

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Made with 100% natural cotton cord, these macrame hammocks create plenty of wall storage for at least a dozen of stuffed animals. And, for design-conscious parents, this is one of the most stylish storage solutions for a small kids bedroom. So get your hands on it!

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lephant felt basket for toys

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All bedroom ideas lists need to include some cute storage baskets, and a small kids’ room is no exception. These are made specifically for children’s rooms with their adorable design and natural materials. And, of course, they give you enough space to fill with dolls, toy cars, and more.

lego toy bag

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Another way to quickly clear your floor space of toys and, specifically, Lego and Duplo blocks is this toy bag. It’s a 47-inch durable bag with a drawstring and locking mechanism. Its design allows you to lay it out on the floor for your kids to play and, at the end of the day, just as easily gather it with all the toys inside for storage.

kids playing with lego toy bag

It’s a lifesaver for a child’s small bedroom and a brilliant way of protecting your feet from stepping on a Lego.

wicker palm leaf toy basket

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Instead of a classic toy chest, you can go for this small kids bedroom alternative. A 100% natural palm leaf chest, it can be customized with pom-poms and text. It’s a beautiful addition to any kind of kids’ rooms that adds more room to store toys, blankets, and linens.

Plus, it would look right at home in a light neutrals color scheme nursery.

3-tier toy organizer

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Last but not least is this toy organizer that can help a small space look more put together. This small kids bedroom idea has 9 compartments that properly declutter most small children’s rooms. And the handcrafted untreated wood can also easily blend in with a soft and light bedroom theme.

Psst, you can also customize this space-saving wonder by removing the center slots to create more storage space inside.

Arts & crafts storage

montessori kids crayon organizer

Montessori pencil holder; 47,5/56,5 x 6 x 4,5 (19”/22” x 2” x 1.7”); beech wood

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When I was a kid I never had the child’s room of my dreams. But what I did have was a lot of arts and crafts materials. A lot. Markers, crayons, pencils, watercolors, and more. And they weren’t really organized that much apart from sitting in a couple of storage drawers.

So to symbolically fix my past mistakes, let’s look at how you can store and organize art supplies in small kids’ rooms.


kids stationery organizer

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When it comes to organizing art supplies, there are a few different options you can go with. If you have a small kid’s room, a desk organizer might be the best option. This will allow them to keep all of their supplies in one place.

3x3 mini chest of drawers organizer

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You can also place this 3×3 set of mini drawers above on the desk. And if there’s no space, you can place this mini chest of drawers on a side table or under the desk. It would certainly add to the decor of the small kids bedroom and your child will love it – it looks so cute!

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And this bear organizer above can evolve with your child’s changing interests. It can store stationery, snacks, collections, and even act as a trash can.

Ceiling canopy

tulle child room canopies

Champagne canopy; 270 x 60cm (106” x 24”); tulle fabric

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One of the best small kids’ bedroom ideas that can completely transform the room is a canopy. With a canopy, the room can do a complete 180 and become a lovely space to spend time in.

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A few reasons play into this. A ceiling-mounted canopy adds vertical definition to the room, creating a focal point that fills a small space without crowding it. A tulle canopy can also elevate a regular bed, add personality to the kid’s bedroom, and bring interesting accent colors to the decor.

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Using a canopy to create a play corner or a reading spot for older kids like in the picture above is another great small kids bedroom idea. Just don’t forget to use a lot of cushy pillows!

Small desk

toddler desk and chair

Toddlers chair & table set; 56 x 46 x 38cm (22.2″ x 18.3″ x 15.2″); wood

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Now let’s think about where your child will draw, study, make crafts, and more. Specifically, let’s talk about the right desk for his or her room.

Wooden Children's House Desk

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When it comes to small kids’ bedroom ideas, furniture is key. You want pieces that are multi-functional and can maximize the amount of space you have. Desks are a perfect example of this.

kids small desk with storage

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There are many different types of desks out there, but not all of them will be suitable for a small kid’s room. Ideally, you want something that is small and doesn’t take up too much space. Additionally, it’s a good idea to look for a desk with extra storage options. This can come in handy for storing toys or school supplies.

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If you’re having trouble finding the right desk for a small kids bedroom, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, think about the needs of your child. What type of activities will they be using the desk for? If they need to do a lot of writing, then you’ll want to look for a desk with a good amount of space. If they’re mostly going to be using it for playing games or doing art projects, then you can choose something that’s a little smaller, like a floating desk above.

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Another thing to consider is the type of room you’re working with. If your child’s room is small, then you’ll want to find a desk that takes up as little space as possible. Conversely, if it’s one of the oddly-shaped rooms, corner desks are a viable small kids bedroom idea that’ll save you space.

Textbooks & notebooks storage

kids montessori bookshelf

Montessori kids bookshelf; 70 x 73 x 35cm (27” x 29” x 14”); baltic birch plywood

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When choosing a bookcase for a small kids room, it is important to keep in mind that you want to maximize the space in the room. One option is to choose a bookcase that sits almost flat against one wall. This will free up more floor space and make the room feel larger while taking advantage of vertical space.

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There are also many different styles of kids’ bookcases to choose from. Like this sturdy caddy for a kid’s bedroom above that holds dozens of books with a minimal footprint.

It will look great in a small kids bedroom but it will also fit in perfectly with more grown-up bedroom ideas.

desk bookshelf for boho nursery

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And as with any small kids bedroom with space issues, be sure to measure the area before purchasing a bookcase, so you can be sure it will fit comfortably in the room. And if it won’t, you can get this desk organizer above to hold the books for you.

Activity & play tables

kids activity table

Desk House + Bookshelf + Chalkboard; 77 x 84 x 71 cm (30.3″ x 33″ x 28″); plywood

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While a lot of small kids’ bedroom ideas focus on decor, don’t forget to fill the room with items that allow for creativity and fun.

With these activity tables, you can create a small-space-friendly “workplace” in your child’s bedroom. Here they’ll be able to play, develop their creativity, imagination, and sensory abilities.

Buy it here

This Montessori-inspired sensory table is perfect for your little one who loves to explore. It comes with three different storage bins, chalkboard and whiteboard covers. The tabletop is perfect for drawing, painting, or other creative activities.

transforming lego table shelf

transforming lego table shelf

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This Convertible LEGO play table is the perfect way to keep Legos organized and easy to access in a small kids bedroom. The space-saving table can be quickly converted into a compact shelf, and it also doubles as a desk for older children.

3-in-1 sensory activity table with chalkboard & bins

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This play table is perfect for your child’s sensory exploration. It features two bins that can be filled with water or sand, as well as a chalkboard cover for creative drawing. The table can also be used as a desk for studying and reading.

convertible help tower for kids

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While the options above can work for both younger and older children, you can also involve your toddler in day-to-day life as well as save space with smart pieces of furniture. This convertible kitchen tower is a great idea as it can also serve as a seating area for your kid.

And hey, emerald green furniture is really “in” this year.

Bedside tables & nightstands

floral kids bedroom

As with all bedroom ideas, it is time that we look at bedside tables, both for a small and an older child.

When choosing a small nightstand for a small kids’ room, it is important to think about some factors that will help maximize space.

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If the nightstand will only be used to hold a lamp and a few books, then a small, simple table will work. We also recommend looking into some of our selections of nightstand alternatives and bedroom ideas.

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If the child needs storage space for clothes or toys, then a larger nightstand with drawers or shelves is a better choice.

Montessori Bookshelf Organizer nightstand

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It is also important to consider the age of the child when choosing a nightstand. Younger children will need a smaller nightstand without any sharp corners. But for an older kids room, you can confidently reach for regular side tables for a small bedroom.

Girl's Dressing Table with a stool - Bunny

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Last but not least, consider using multi-functional furniture as a nightstand. A bookcase or dresser used as a side table or a headboard will provide ample space for nightstand essentials while also adding extra storage to a small room.


Night lights

fairyhouse night light for nursery

Fairy house night light; 19 x 13cm (7” x 5”); ceramic

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There are so many beautiful and cute night lights out there that it can be hard to choose the one for a bedside table.

kids bedroom corgi night light

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A night light is recommended to be introduced into a child’s small bedroom as soon as they turn 4 months old. At this stage, they can start developing a fear of the dark so a night light is a must in a small kids’ bedroom.

When it comes to choosing the best night light for a small kid’s bedroom, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

mushroom plug-in kids night light

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First of all, you want to make sure that you choose a night light that is going to maximize space in the room. You can do this by opting for a night light that plugs into a socket, one that mounts on the wall, or can easily fit on the bedside table.

astronaut cat kids night light

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Another important thing to keep in mind is your child’s safety. Make sure to choose a night light that is made out of safe materials and doesn’t have any sharp edges.

terrarium dome night light for kids bedroom

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Finally, it’s important to choose a night light that will help cultivate your child’s imagination and sense of security. There are many different types of night lights to choose from that can cohesively tie your kid’s small bedroom ideas into one. From an astronaut night light for a space-feel theme to a magical glowing terrarium one for the forest aesthetic.

Wall art kids room ideas

6 Preschool Posters for a small kids bedroom

Set of 6 educational preschool prints; digital

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When exploring wall art bedroom ideas for a kid, it is important that it’s both stimulating and age-appropriate. If your child is interested in nature, for example, you might want to choose a poster or painting of a beautiful landscape. If your child is into animals, you could select a print of a cute farm scene.

tapestry map for a child's bedroom

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Stylized maps and educational preschool posters are also a solid (and helpful) choice.

And dinosaurs, look at those dinosaurs!

dinosaur wall art for small childs bedroom

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In addition to considering your child’s interests, you should also think about the overall theme of the bedroom. If the room is decorated in a princess motif, for example, you might want to hang up art that plays into that theme. Or if the room has a sports theme and your kid spends hours in, say, soccer practice, you could display some action-packed posters on the walls.

bunny nursery wall art

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pink lollipops wall art for a small kids bedroom

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It is also important to keep in mind that as your child grows their interests, preferences, and aesthetic sense will change. To offset this, you may want to prioritize the overall color scheme of the room instead of a concrete decor theme. Go for abstract prints or art that won’t look out of place in an older child’s bedroom.

Feature & accent walls

daisy decals feature wall for kids bedroom

Daisy wall decals; 11 x 15cm (4.5″ x 6″); matte vinyl

Buy it here

A feature wall can be a great way to add some life and personality to the small room your child lives in. There are many different ways to go about choosing an accent wall, but here are a few tips to help you get started.

Irregular Polka Dot Nursery Wall Stickers

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If you’re looking for a way to enhance an existing color scheme in the room, consider creating an accent wall with a bold shade of wall paint. This can really help to brighten up the space and create a fun and cheerful atmosphere.

city skyline doodles kids room decals

Buy it here

To further enhance the accent wall, you can turn to a special kind of wall decor – decals. Using wall decals is one of the best kid’s bedroom ideas because it spares you the tedious process of putting up wallpaper but they are just as effective in “prettying up” small spaces. You can use them in combination with bright paint but a lot of them already look stunning combined with light colors.

If your kid is an artist, you can opt-in for a chalkboard wall, something you can learn how to create here.

nursery flower decals

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Wall decals are also easily removable. So once your child grows up and it’s time to remodel a small kids’ bedroom into something more appropriate for their teenage years, you’ll have less hassle on your hands.

Children clothes storage

kids clothes rack

Children clothing rack; 116 x 104 x 30cm (45.7” x 40.9” x 11.8”); plywood

Buy it here

It is almost exceptional how quickly a child’s small bedroom can accumulate clutter. While we’ve touched upon the topic of toy and art supplies storage, let’s now look at clothes and, more importantly, closet space.

Montessori X-coat-rack for toddlers

Buy it here

These clothes racks are a useful addition to children’s bedrooms. Not only a charming decoration, having one can help teach your primary school kid organizational skills early on. And the addition of shelves and racks is always welcome in small rooms.

Nursery Shelf Clothes Hanger

Buy it here

Also, take a look at these storage ideas. One is combined with a clothing rod for displaying outfits. The one below will help you organize your little one’s headbands, bows, and hats – something that many parents struggle to find a place for. These can sit on the bedroom wall or, as a more discreet option, be mounted on the closet doors.

Headband and Bow Holder Shelf For Kids

Buy it here

For more storage ideas for a small bedroom, you can turn to our previous post on dorm room storage. While not all bedroom ideas there will perfectly translate to a kids’ room, there are some valuable tips and products in there.

Additionally, check out our bedroom ideas post that heavily emphasizes common storage opportunities that people often overlook. You can use these ideas to turn your kid’s small bedroom into an uncluttered place with plenty of storage.


How to fit 2 kids in a small bedroom

how to fit 2 kids in a small bedroom

We could probably write a whole separate post on fitting 2 kids in a small bedroom but let’s go over the general strokes.

The best layout for any small child’s room is to place the bed right against the wall. Now, with two kids the obvious answer would be to go for a bunk bed. Even better if that bunk bed has a trundle drawer. And if it doesn’t, don’t waste a good storage opportunity and get one of these under-bed organizers for clothes, toys, art supplies, and textbooks.

You can also check out these sofas that, thanks to their smart furniture design, transform into bunk beds. This sofa will eliminate the need for a separate play area altogether.

Decide if your kids will need separate desks. Many parents allow their kids to do their homework in the living room or dining area which eliminates the need for squeezing 2 desks into a tiny bedroom. If this is a non-starter for you, look into wall-mounted desks – they don’t take up floor space and can be folded against the wall for more room.

As for storage, there are tons of creative ways to add more of it into a tiny room with a minimal footprint. Hang shelves, use slim bookcases, get a high-rise bed, and make the most of available space.

How can I make the most of my child’s small bedroom?

how to make the most out of childs bedroom

Hopefully, this whole post gives you enough bedroom ideas to do just that. The most valuable advice, as with most small rooms, is to plan everything in advance and take careful measurements of your kids’ bedroom. Hire an interior designer if you can to truly maximize every inch of the room.

Also, the best tip for small spaces is to go vertical. Wall storage can be sometimes tough to set up but it will make the room more spacious and reduce the bulk in a small bedroom.

How to decorate a boy and girl room together

boy and girl small bedroom

Not every girl needs to have a pink bedroom and not every boy needs everything to be blue in his small room.

In order to decorate a boy and girl room together, you can stick to neutral colors like white and beige.

And if you still want to add pink and blue, you can do so with accent details like wall decor, duvets, storage boxes, curtains, and other accessories. You can also choose a non-gendered room theme. Think forest, sunlight, sky, mountains, jungle, space, and more.

How to arrange a shared room with two beds

fitting 2 beds in a small bedroom

If space-saving bunk beds are not your cup of tea, there are still some viable kids’ room ideas with two twin beds.

fitting 2 beds in a small bedroom

The first is, of course, a classic – arranging the two beds parallel to each other on either side of a nightstand or a desk.

twin beds arranged in an L-shape

The second one is also a common sight when it comes to ideas for small kids’ bedrooms – two beds creating an L-shape joined by a nightstand.

twin beds arranged alongside one wall

There are, of course, other bed layouts you can create. But the viability of those fully depends on the layout of the room you’re working with.

How to make a small kids’ room look bigger

how to make kids room look bigger

Balancing the need for storage with the need to visually lighten the room is a tough tightrope to walk. However, there are some tips you can follow to make a small kid’s room look bigger.

The first small kids’ bedroom idea lies in going for light or neutral colors of the walls. Even better, painting the walls and ceiling white will further emphasize an airy and light atmosphere in the room.

Forego window curtains as they visually clutter the room and stop the eye from taking in the outside view. A carpet can also upset the balance unless you go for a simple design.

Don’t choose pieces that are boxy or bulky. Instead, look for a bed, chair, and desk that have legs. This keeps the light moving through the small bedroom and creates an air of openness.

Last but not least, you can create an illusion of high ceilings by opting in for furniture that sits low to the ground. Combine this with one tall accent object (a bookcase or a set of shelves for example) and this will instantly make the room look bigger than it did before.

How to decorate a child’s room on a budget

how to decorate small child's bedroom on a budget

This question warrants its own separate post but let’s look at some quick tips you can follow to decorate a child’s room on a budget.

First, as we’ve mentioned previously, use wall paint and decals instead of wallpaper. It is easier, cheaper, and will be less expensive to redecorate once your child grows.

Try using affordable storage solutions where you can. For example, you can store toys in tote bags hanging on the wall. Or use clear plastic containers from the dollar store instead of wicker baskets from a high-end store.

Lastly, creative DIY solutions and children’s bedrooms can go hand in hand. Give old furniture a new life with a fresh coat of paint, use washi tape instead of picture frames, or try sewing your own decorative pillow covers.

By following these simple tips, you can create a fun and stylish small kid’s bedroom that will grow with your child. Remember to have patience and take your time when decorating a small space; finding the right furniture and storage solutions may take a while but it’s worth the effort in the end!